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Self-Help Aid: Life Events

Nov 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Life Events

Often, one of the most frustrating things is finding information on the basics. This section is not only a directory related to the life events but a handy tool to make it easier for you to find the steps you need to follow. Here you will find the links that will take you directly to the source.

Auto Accident:

Find out what to do:

  • Immediately after the auto accident
  • While making an insurance claim

Get information on:

  • Avoiding auto insurance scams
  • Auto insurance reforms
  • Auto repair tips
  • Laws and rules that pertain to auto accidents
  • Other useful links
Ontario Government

Buying a Home

  • Determine if you are ready to become a homeowner
  • Evaluate your current financial situation
  • Identify related costs of buying a home
  • Determine which professionals can help you with your purchase and more
Service Canada
Changing Your Name Ontario Government

Dealing with Separation and Divorce

  • What You Should Know about Family Law in Ontario – a booklet about family law
  • Where Do I Stand? – A Child’s Legal Guide to Separation and Divorce
  • Divorce Law: Questions and Answers – a booklet offering basic information about the current divorce process in Canada
  • Ontario’s Child Support Guidelines
  • Federal Child Support Guidelines
  • Obtaining a Marriage Certificate for a Divorce
  • Obtaining a Copy of my Divorce Order
  • Changing your Name after Divorce
  • Getting Remarried in Ontario after a Divorce
Ontario Government

Ministry of the Attorney General

Dealing with Spousal Abuse Ontario Government

Dealing with Spousal Abuse: What Happens when you Call the Police? Ontario Government

Death: what to do when someone dies

  • Contact a Funeral Home or Transfer Service
  • Obtain a Death Certificate
  • Cancel a Passport
  • Cancel a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Notify the Canada Revenue Agency of the Death
  • Cancel Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan Benefits
Service Canada

Ontario Government

Ontario Board of Funeral Services

Toronto Office
77 Bay Street
Suite 2810, Box 117
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C8
Telephone: 416-979- 5450
Toll Free: 1-800-387-4458
Fax: 416-979-0384
Finding Seniors’ Health Care Resources

  • Health Links: links of interest to seniors
  • Health and Wellness: consumer health information for seniors
  • Advance Care Planning Guide: helping you know and exercise your rights in preparing for a time when you may be unable to make decisions about your care
  • A Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario
  • Assistive Devices Online Forms
  • Ontario Drug Benefit Program Online Forms
  • Power of Attorney Kit: Some questions and answers on Powers of Attorney and Living Wills and Powers of Attorney forms
  • You and Your Aging Parents: coping with the changes brought on when becoming a caregiver to parents
  • Safe Living Guide: Injury Prevention and Seniors
Ontario Government

Getting Married

  • Marriage Licence Application Form
  • Online Marriage Certificate Application
  • Marriage Certificate Application Form
  • Online status inquiry for a Marriage Certificate Application in Ontario
  • Marriage Tip Sheet (English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Tagalog)
Ontario Government

Having a Baby Ontario Government

Looking for a Job Ontario Government

Losing Your Wallet Ontario Government

Managing Your Debt Ontario Government

Moving to and Around Ontario Ontario Government

Planning Your Next Steps after High School Ontario Government

Pursuing Life’s Best after Retirement Ontario Government

Retirement – Getting Ready to Retire Ontario Government

Vacationing in Ontario Ontario Government


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