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Ontario Grants and Programs for Business

Feb 20th, 2016 | By | Category: Grants and Financing, Ontario

Ontario Grants and Programs for Business

Ontario Business Program Guide

The Ontario Business Program Guide is your resource to government-funded programs and services for Ontario businesses.

Small Business Enterprise Centre

Small Business Enterprise Centres (SBECs) and community-based providers offer entrepreneurs all the tools they need to start and grow their businesses. If you are looking for in-person assistance to help you start or expand a small business in Ontario? If so, a Small Business Enterprise Centre can help you.

Emerging Technology Program (Northern Ontario)

Funding institution: Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC). You could receive a grant or a loan to research and develop new technology, if you operate an incorporated business in Northern Ontario.

Export Market Access – A Global Expansion Program

Funding institution: Ontario Chamber of Commerce

If your business has five or more employees and annual sales of $500,000 or more, you may qualify for a grant of up to 50% of eligible costs incurred to develop export sales.

Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program

You may qualify for electricity rebates, if your business has adopted energy-efficient technologies that will lower your bottom line.

Northern Energy Program

Funding is available if you’re a Northern Ontario business aiming to reduce energy use through a renewable energy project. Businesses undertaking renewable energy projects in Northern Ontario are also eligible for funding.

Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive

The Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive (OSTHI) Program can fund your business up to $80,000 per solar air installation and $400,000 per solar water installation.

Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program

The NOHFC is proud to support northern entrepreneurs with up to $125,000 in the form of a conditional contribution per project to start a new business.

Tax Refund for Power Take-off Equipment

If you paid tax on fuel used in Ontario to operate PTO equipment, you may qualify for a refund.

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