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  • You can also place your ad into the Article Gallery. To place a paid ad into the Article Gallery you have to send us an article with at least one picture. The article is of your choice for the category of your choice. Your article will appear on the home page as well as on the category page. All categories are included into the main menu, so your article will be easy reachable from the home page by clicking on the image in the Article Gallery, or clicking on the category in the main menu, or using the search. You are free to put your website URL in the article and it’ll be clickable. Your article will stay in the category you’ve chosen forever building a permanent external link to your website.


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Head banner (730×92 pixel; max 300K) $40 per 7 days $20 per 7 days
Side banner (177x197pixel; max 300K) $30 per 7 days $20 per each additional banner per 30-day period (up to 3 banners)
Article Gallery $60 per 7 days $10 per 7 days
Illustrated article $60 per one article per month $10 per each additional article per month (up to 3 articles)
Banner design $100/banner $50/banner

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  • All prices, including the membership fee, are introductory and may change at any time
  • The banner placement policy is “first come, first served”

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