10 Dynamic Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas
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More than just an opportunity to throw dieting by the wayside, a wedding cake can inspire and encourage those around it. Whether you’re a traditionalist, or a bit of an innovator, there are several different themes and ideas that can add that extra bit of flare to your cake. Here are just some of the many different ways to go about making that perfect pastry – food for the body and mind if you will.

  1. Daring Doilies. Sometimes, all it really takes is one little twist to turn a cake into a decorative masterpiece. Doilies can be made from icing, chocolate, or other thin pastry slices. Like the snowflakes they resemble, every doily is different from the other, meaning that your cake will be too.
  2. Word Wizardry. Sometimes, no amount of lace can describe how a couple feels on their special day. Luckily, words are a form of art as well. Take it beyond a simple “Just Married” text. The whole cake is your canvas, with the top, sides, and even different layers serving as a billboard to share your message with all your guests.
  3. Glittering Glamor. Technology, in all its wonder, has produced several kinds of edible glitter. Even a simple single layered cake can look like it’s been heaven-sent. Create a diamond dust effect, with minute sprinkles in just the right places, or fashion hidden gems made from candy bits. Display in a well-lit area for maximum effect.
  4. Standing and Stable. Lego cake? Why not, it’s your party after all. Inserting tubing at key points can allow for unique cake designs that would otherwise be rejected by physics itself. You can go with a small base and large body, or even just create a maze of layers connected by their edges.
  5. Cleanly Cut. With the right presentation, even pre-sliced cake can look whole again. Transparent cake stands, arranged to present sliced cake in its entirety, are both beautiful, and efficient. Depending on the venue, this might be a good way to go.
  6. Chocolate. Does it need a description? Aside from the common lacing, a cake can be halfway, or entirely draped in chocolate. Slices can be coated with white or dark chocolate, then arranged and iced over. A chocolate base is also a great option.
  7. Fruit Festival. Topping a cake with a single fruit may be decorative, but topping it with a tropical assortment is fun. Arrange sections by fruit type, color, shape, or just randomize it. The result will be a truly refreshing dessert a bit lighter on the waistline.
  8. Cake Cradle. Create a ring-shaped cake, with decorations placed inside. Edible figures can enact a scene that the entire reception can enjoy, whether it’s a scene of how the newlyweds met or how the two families had their first dinner together.
  9. Plain Pretenders. Create a marbled or multilayer cake, with the outer surface humbly covered in icing, or completely barren. Let each slice reveal the intricate patterns baked into the soul of your cake. It’s not always about what’s on the outside.
  10. Flowers Forever. Tried and true, the flower approach is often the best approach. Try selecting your favorite kind, and have them form a garden of garnish for everyone’s delight.


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