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10 Things to Bring to CubaHere are 10 things to bring with you to your Cuba vacations:

  1. Power converter (220V > 110V) or ensure that any electronic devices you bring are dual voltage
  2. Sweater and socks – it might get a bit chilly sometimes
  3. Battery-powered alarm clock, in case one is not provided at the hotel. You don’t want to miss your bus and plane, do you?
  4. First Aid Travel Kit (Imodium, Band Aids, PolySporin, Tylenol etc.)
  5. Extra batteries (any type of battery is expensive in Cuba)
  6. Lighters – if you are a smoker (they are very expensive in Cuba)
  7. Tampons / Pads (again… very expensive to buy in Cuba)
  8. Mosquito repellent and your favourite sunscreen
  9. Cheap nylon wallet (instead of your leather one and don’t take unnecessary cards and documents)
  10. Beach towel (some hotels charge $25 if you lose theirs and nothing if you lose your own…)

Enjoy your vacations!

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