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Wellness does not pertain to the absence of physical diseases. As it happens, it involves all aspects of one’s well-being. This means it includes the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of an individual. In fact, even your workplace plays a huge role in your health and wellness.

So, if you are looking for ways to revolutionize your health and wellness, you may want to start with your workplace.

12 Easy Workplace Wellness Tips AllOntarioSetting up the ideal home office

The ideal workplace or home office will vary depending on your personal preferences. It is worth noting that this matter is important to consider as you spend a lot of time in your own office. Accordingly, it is only fitting that you design and organize your place according to your liking, which will further promote comfort, convenience, and pleasant vibes.

While designing your ideal home office can be quite challenging, you will thank yourself later. Just start to picture out your ideal workplace and get ideas from various media platforms. Once you find the best one, start to list down how you would rearrange your workplace based on your plans of design.

Also, think of all the factors that you may need to consider. Some of these things may include:

  • The space needed for your work
  • The work you will be doing in the space
  • The furniture and tools you will need
  • The surrounding and environment
  • The people who will use or visit the space

These are only some of the things that may help you in setting up your ideal workplace. You could think of others that will definitely impact your decisions and choices.

12 Easy Workplace Wellness Tips AllOntarioGet organized and be productive while doing work from home

Working from home has a lot of benefits. And these benefits are mainly the reasons why a lot of people would prefer to work from home. However, it has its downsides, as well.

The truth is – many people feel unproductive and disorganize when working outside the office. The most probable reason behind this is that the comfort that can be felt while working from your home may be too much that it cannot take you away to start with your tasks.

If you are feeling this, too, here are some tips that may help you to get much more organized and productive when doing your work at home:

1. Being semi-formal

One of the best perks of working from home is that it eliminates the need to dress well or to follow the office’s dress code. While many people would enjoy working on their pajamas right after they wake up, this might only cause disorganization and unproductivity.

So, it is best that you start the day by doing your usual routines. This may include your regular workout, breakfast, and bath. Afterward, choose to wear semi-formal or smart casual clothes, then work. This will boost your energy and focus to do more work.

2. Screen your calls

Screening your calls during your working hours at home is one of the best things that you can do to get organized. Unexpected calls may disrupt your focus and productivity. And this is something that most people who work from home experience.

So, the next time you receive an unexpected call, and you know that it is unimportant, try to ignore it. Just schedule a call back right after you do your tasks.

12 Easy Workplace Wellness Tips AllOntario3. Avoid doing housework

Your chores and other housework tasks must not take over from your tasks at work. It is important that you have a schedule to follow. Also, doing some housework at the side of your work will only affect your productivity and concentration. So, as much as possible, avoid doing it. Or, better yet, set a separate schedule for your chores and your work.

Home workplace wellness tips

In terms of your wellness in your own workplace, here are some tips that you may want to check:

4. Schedule Desk Workouts

When you work at home, there are times that you already forget about your fitness routines. If it already has come to this, then you must find your way back to getting fit.

You can actually do a few desk workouts such as stretching, arm and leg exercises, which are all doable even when you are sitting in front of your desk or computer.

5. Don’t eat lunch at your desk

Eating your lunch at your work desk is a bad idea. As it appears, this will only lengthen the hours of your seating period. And this is something you would not want if you want to improve your health and wellness.

Also, when you try to save time by multitasking – think again. This might only reduce your productivity.

6. Write journals

Writing journals is a very helpful way that you can do to promote wellness in your workplace. You can do this during your break. You may also choose to do this before or after you finish your tasks.

Journals have a wide range of scope. Depending on your style and preference, you will be the one to choose what your journal type will be. It could be a journal where your write your thoughts to de-clutter your mind. It could also be a journal where you write your goals for the week or for the month.

Based on claims, not only that this helps you de-clutter your mind, this also helps you improve your cognitive functions as it is a form of exercise for the brain.

12 Easy Workplace Wellness Tips AllOntario

7. Have appropriate work equipment

In your home office or workplace at home, it is very recommended that you have the appropriate work equipment and tools. In this case, you need to have a proper chair and table.

Keep in mind that back pain is the most common condition that every individual who sits for hours because of work. To minimize this, make sure you choose the right and ergonomic table and chair.

Having the right set of things and tools in your home office will help focus more on your work and may also increase your productivity while decreasing your idle time. Also, this will benefit your overall wellness.

8. Find out when you feel your best

Not everyone is a morning person. And the same is also true for evening persons. Whatever the case, though, you must recognize when are the times that you feel your best self. Find your peak hours when you are more focused and productive. Once you recognized these hours, adjust your schedule accordingly.

9. Set a work schedule and stick to it

As mentioned, keeping a schedule for your day is a must if you want to promote the ultimate workplace wellness. This will help you improve your overall situation, whether physical, mental, or social.

List down all your tasks and organize your work schedule once a week. You can even do this every morning to further streamline your activities inside the workplace every day. If changes are needed, just re-organize it again. But, whatever happens, try to stick to it at all times.

12 Easy Workplace Wellness Tips

10. De-clutter regularly

If you want to improve and promote wellness in your workplace at home, make sure to always clean and de-clutter the space. Every after your working hours, throw away all the trash that you incurred for the day. You may want to organize, as well, the things that you used earlier, so you can work in a relax and clean environment the next day.

11. Schedule regular breaks

Regular breaks are also important. This is will help you clear out and unwind your mind. Information overload can be quite daunting, especially if you have already worked for hours. And this only causes strain and stress.

So, it is recommended for you to have regular breaks. Say, five to ten minutes of break every one to two hours work.

12. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Having a balanced schedule is a must, especially if you are working from home. You can effectively do this by tracking your hours in both work and personal time. You must not allow either one of the two to take over from the other.

If you can, try to finish all your work tasks during the weekdays, so you can set aside your time during the weekends for your personal life.

Final thoughts

It is quite challenging to promote workplace wellness, especially if you are working from home. But, despite all the challenges and struggles, these tips are already tested and proven by several individuals.

So, start to apply them now and see it for yourself!

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