$150 for a Parking Ticket in Toronto

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Traffic congestion has a significant impact on residents, businesses and visitors. Recent studies have indicated that congestion costs Toronto commuters several billions of dollars annually in travel delays, vehicle operating costs and accidents. The City of Toronto, in conjunction with the Toronto Police Service, has launched a series of new initiatives to improve traffic flow and compliance with the City’s parking regulations. The changes include:

  • Increased fines for unlawful stopping, standing, and parking on rush hour routes
  • Implementation of a fixed fine system for parking offences
  • Ticketing for expired licence plate validation stickers
  • Towing habitual parking ticket offenders when found parked illegally

A $150 fixed fine will apply for stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle during rush hours, and for stopping, standing or parking a vehicle in a bicycle lane.

Rush hours can be from 6-10 a.m. during morning rush hour and 3-7 p.m. during evening rush hour. In some areas there may be times when daytime rush hour periods may be in effect. Drivers are urged to check signage and park legally at all times.

Source: http://www1.toronto.ca/



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