5 Reasons to invest in websites

5 Reasons to invest in websites
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Although websites are the Internet real estate, as an investment they are a relatively new thing and are not on many peoples’ radar. If you search Google for “the best investments”, you will see the usual stuff – stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, etc. What is special about investing in websites and why you might consider doing it?

  1. The switch to the Internet is obvious and global

No comments. You can see it yourself.

5 Reasons to invest in websites

  1. Control over investment

Investments are generally seen as passive. It might be nice not to do anything, but on the other hand, you are completely helpless to exogenous forces – no one can influence the price of gold, for instance. Real estate is somewhere in between: you can make home improvements but cannot change the surrounding area. Websites offer the best of both worlds and it’s up to you to keep your hands “on” or “off”. If you want more control over your investment so you could potentially increase its ROI, you can make changes to the content, social media, newsletter, design, or try different marketing platforms.

5 Reasons to invest in websites

  1. Excellent tracking tools to watch the progress

Websites are extremely data driven. To check the progress or to see the effect of your changes you have all the power of Google Analytics and other tracking methods. This allows you to test, optimize, and quicken your payback period.

  1. No barriers to entry and low cost

There are no other barriers to entry but cost, and the costs are reasonable.

  1. Low Canadian Dollar

Last but not least, Canadian dollar is very low now. Although it’s bad, but there is a blessing in disguise – any investment made in Canadian currency today means savings of about 30%. It couldn’t be better time for investments.

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