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Are you trying to lose weight but not getting any fruitful results? Hold on fellas! You might believe in some myths about losing weight. The misconceptions regarding weight loss have become so widely popular that it has become difficult for us to differentiate facts from fiction. Just as people head to the psychiatrist bay area for any issues regarding mental and emotional distress, you should hit the gym for weight loss.

6 Big misconceptions about losing weight- a must-read! AllOntarioBesides, do not believe in anything you hear from the thing you hear from people around you. The misconceptions that you believe in are the major cause of your failure to get to your desired weight. Here are some common myths associated with losing weight and truths behind them that might be helpful for you in your weight loss journey:

Calories Intake:

Most people think that all calories are equal, so they contribute to bodyweight equally. However, this does not mean that they will have the same effect on your body weight. For example, calories your get from proteins are different from the ones you get from carbohydrates. Replacing carbo calories with proteins can help you lose weight effectively by reducing your appetite. Moreover, calories from food can contribute more to weight gain than processed food like candies. Therefore, calories are the measurement of energy, all calories might have the same energy content but all of them react differently towards our body weight.

Linear Process:

This is undoubtedly the most common misconception. i.e. people think that losing weight is a linear process and once you start monitoring your diet, you will gradually lose weight. On the contrary, this is not the case, on some days you might lose weight, and, on some days, you might gain it. weight fluctuation is a normal thing, particularly in girls, as where hormonal factors are involved that are regulated by biological cycles. Likewise, you might be carrying more food and water in your digestive system than usual. There are many reasons for your weight to fluctuate, losing weight is a long-term process and with your consistency and motivation, you can surely succeed in doing it.

6 Big misconceptions about losing weight- a must-read!Supplements for Weight Loss:

Weight loss supplements are immensely popular these days. It is a massive industry and by using marketing tactics, they compel people to buy these supplements. On the contrary, they are the least effective. Some people might find some difference but that would be only due to the placebo effect. It is better not to fall for any these rather opt for more suitable and genuine options like visiting a nutritionist or joining the gym.

Eating Less:

Telling a fat person to eat less is like telling a person with depression to just forget everything instantly and move on, not justified! Fat is stored energy in our body and to lose weight you must burn more calories than you take. Physical activity like exercise or jogging is a must to lose weight effectively. Permanent lifestyle changes and a well-balanced diet chart as recommended by your nutrients is an effective way particularly if you have some serious obesity issue.

6 Big misconceptions about losing weight- a must-read!Willingness to be Obese:

Fat people are often body shamed. No matter what age group you belong to, obesity is looked at as something that does not fit societal standards. Moreover, overweight people are often told that it’s your willingness to remain obese which is not letting you lose weight. Obesity is not a choice for anyone. It can be a result of medical conditions like PCOS, depression or hypothyroidism, etc. or some people might be genetically obese. However, this does not mean that you should accept it as your fat. Rather, consult a doctor and hire a trainer to help you lose weight, as obesity can further lead you to some fatal health hazards.

Obese People Are Unhealthy:

It is often said that obese people are unhealthy although obesity leads to diseases like type 2 diabetes, this is not always necessary. Thin people are also prone to be diabetes depending upon various factors. The dangers of obesity depend upon the area where your fats are deposited.

When you start losing your weight, you might come across many such myths that might be demotivating for you. Do not fall for any misconceptions rather stay focused on your goal. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot lose weight because your obesity is inherited. Be patiently consistent, great thing take time!


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