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Achieving strong white teeth should be one of your goals. Children are always being told to brush their teeth, use floss and gargle with mouthwash because of the fact that these simple activities can help maintain white teeth. There are different ways to maintain the strength of your teeth but if you are dealing with stains, you need to consider other things that are not part of your daily routine. But you do not really have to spend much just to make sure that you have white teeth. Teeth whitening at home can be considered. To help you achieve white teeth, here are some effective home remedies that you can do:


Toothpaste Along with Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

You will certainly need toothpaste, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and toothbrush for this. The combination of these three ingredients can help you whiten your teeth because of the different features of the three materials. Firstly, baking soda is used as a scrub while hydrogen peroxide can be the bleaching agent. With this, you will not only have whiter teeth but you can also eliminate plaque.

6 Effective Home Remedies Helped Me in Teeth Whitening2

Turmeric Powder

There are different benefits that you can get from turmeric powder. Aside from its properties that can help you remove plaques and whiten your teeth, it also has some anti-inflammatory feature that can be helpful for your overall health. You will also be able to enjoy its antimicrobial properties that can help you have healthy teeth. All you need to create a turmeric paste is a small amount of water to be added to the powder.

6 Effective Home Remedies Helped Me in Teeth Whitening3

A Mixture of Lemon and Baking Soda

If there is one mixture that is known to be the most effective, it would be the lemon and baking soda combination. A lot of people are using this mixture in teeth whitening because of it great effect. There is a chemical reaction that happens when you mix baking soda and lemon. This reaction is what makes it possible for you to have bright white teeth. It is very easy to get this mixture. All you need to do is to add baking soda to a little amount of lemon. You will notice bubbles forming after some time. Get a cotton bud and apply the mixture to your teeth. Leave it for a minute and brush it off afterwards.


Eating Crunchy Fruits

There are two ways on how your teeth can possibly benefit from crunchy fruits. First, whenever you eat crunchy fruits, the excess food particles and bacteria in your mouth are being scrubbed and washed right away. It is a very natural process. Aside from this, the acid from the fruits that you are eating can also naturally whiten your teeth. But these are not the only benefits that you will certainly get from crunchy fruits. You can also be healthier and your immune system will benefit much from the natural food that you are eating.


Use of Herbal Sticks

There are natural teeth whitening sticks that you can use to get a brighter and healthier smile. These are available in the market and you can just make it available in your home for your personal needs. With a natural or herbal stick, you can just chew until bristles are formed and you can use that to clean your teeth. You do not need any toothbrush or toothpaste for this.


Take Apple Cider Vinegar

If your teeth have stains that should be dealt with accordingly, you have to make use of pure apple cider vinegar. All you need to do is to get a small amount of it and apply it directly to your teeth. But you cannot do this often because it may cause damages to the enamel of your teeth. If the stains in your teeth are not too dark or it does not really require so much of apple cider vinegar, you can add a little water to the solution.

Having whiter and stronger teeth does not require a lot of money or effort. You can use some of the things that you can find in your kitchen. After all, it is better if you are going to use natural ingredients for teeth whitening at home.

6 Effective Home Remedies Helped Me in Teeth WhiteningAuthor’s Bio

Josh Elizetxe is the inventor and founder of Snow. He is an accomplished philanthropist and successful entrepreneur with several 8-figure exits. His latest focus is on disrupting the $65 billion oral care market with revolutionary, patented products supercharged by celebrity partnerships.

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