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You may not know it, but working in the Life Sciences Industry can be multi-faceted. Meaning, you do not necessarily have to be a science major to be part of this industry.

That’s because science is everywhere. It is in public health, ecology, agriculture, nutrition, and more.

So, whether you are still considering what college major to take or would like a change of career perspective, here are six tips that can help you achieve your professional goals:

6 Tips for Career-Savvy Professionals to Achieve Their Career GoalsKnow What You Want

The common pitfall of professionals is building a dream career without knowing exactly what they want. Mind you, finding a new job just to escape the one you hate will not help. Thus, consider the big picture of what you want for your professional life.

And we are not just talking about what you want to do. It would also help to figure out what you want to feel and who you want to be.

Perhaps, you would want to start your pharmacy where you can sell generic over-the-counter drugs. Because providing affordable products would make you feel good.

Develop an Action Plan

Once you have figured out what you want, the next step is to develop an action plan. It is the systems and processes you need to build to reach your career goals.

To help you get started, here are some action plans you might want to include:

  • Drafting your resume or updating your CV.
  • Creating or updating your LinkedIn profile.
  • Taking extra courses or attending seminars that are in line with your career goals.
  • Joining a professional network or organizations that are relevant to your preferred line of work.
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities that can bring you closer to your career goals.

Prepare for Setbacks

Contrary to popular belief, achieving career goals is not a straight line. After all, setting up a local pharmacy is never easy. You will need a business license, sanitary compliance, and ensure that you have the right facility to store drugs and medicine.

This is where your action plans could come in handy. Because your goals and action plans can help you get back in the right direction in case you encounter setbacks.

But more than anything else, you must also develop grit. According to Angela Duckworth, grit is the combination of passion and perseverance in achieving a goal. And it is also believed to be the key to success.

6 Tips for Career-Savvy Professionals to Achieve Their Career GoalsHave the Hunger to Learn

Other than grit, it is also imperative that you have a passion for continuous learning.

Here’s the thing: The Life Sciences industry is ever-evolving. And we have seen lately. The companies that survived are those who anticipated and adapted to change.

The same thing is true for other industries. Those who were able to leverage technology, like e-commerce businesses, surged in demand and were able to survive the pandemic.

Making continuous education a habit allows you to be adaptable to change. And when you can adapt, you can achieve your career goals no matter what.

Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs places belongingness on the third level. Hence, you must surround yourself with like-minded people if you want to prosper in your career.

If you want to have a career in the Life Sciences industry, does that mean you should surround yourself with scientific people? Not necessarily. What we mean by “like-minded people” are those who have the same values and goals as you. That way, you can be each other’s cheerleader whether you reach a milestone or encounter a setback.

Look for Mentorship

Setting your career path can be overwhelming. Hence, you need someone who has been there to help you move forward. This is where mentorship comes in.

According to Michelle Dipp, a life science expert and investor, mentoring allows you to ask questions and receive advice. A mentor can also help you improve your technical skills and keep an open mind.

A mentor can also help you find the right network and connect with the right people to further your career.

6 Tips for Career-Savvy Professionals to Achieve Their Career GoalsConclusion

As technology continues to advance, many professions will fizzle out. Plus, people nowadays are looking for jobs that can help them make a difference while earning.

No wonder building a career path that is right for you can be challenging. But with the career tips listed above, you will be able to find the right opportunity to offer financial stability, satisfaction, and security.

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