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By Geraldine Mills

Ontario is home to many exciting environments that encourage people to spend some time in the great outdoors. That’s why many people are invested in physical activities that get them outside, such as cycling and hiking.

7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario7 Best hiking destinations in Ontario to experience the great outdoors

If you have access to so many amazing sights, it would feel like a shame not to go out and get going.

For many hikers, places like Ontario, Canada are remarkable for their hiking because of so many amazing sights. If you’re a hiker who wants to stay in Ontario, you’re not going to be bored.

So, grab your hiking poles and other essential hiking gear, and let’s go over the many excellent hiking destinations in Ontario.

1. Bruce Trail

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioThe Bruce Trail is an exciting hiking trail that you should try when you’re in Ontario. Although the many interesting sights along the route can be compelling, another reason is that it’s Canada’s oldest and longest footpath.

It’s about 890 km in length, and it will take you about a month or so to hike the entire Bruce Trail. It’s even a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

If you cannot spare a month to explore Bruce Trail, you don’t have to. There are plenty of trail sections that you can focus on instead, depending on what you want to see.

2. Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioAnother popular hiking trail to take when you’re in Canada is the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, and it lives up to its name.

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is about 3,600km or around 2,237 miles, making it a huge undertaking. This particular trail isn’t only famous for hikers, but it’s also great for cycling.

This hiking route has its name because it hugs along three significant lakes in Ontario: Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Although you can try hiking the entirety of the trail, you hike per section. Doing so makes it manageable and allows you to enjoy the view.

3. La Cloche Silhouette Trail

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioIn the Northern part of Ontario is another one of Ontario’s long-distance backpacking trails that you can try. Killarney Provincial Park is home to the 80-km or around 50-mile hiking trail that is the La Cloche Silhouette Trail.

This route is particularly appealing to experienced hikers, so if you’re getting into hiking, you might want to skip this one. With that said, the La Cloche Silhouette Trail is hugging the La Cloche Mountains, and you can even climb up to Silver Peak if you want to.

It should take you about a week to take on the entire trail, but some people can also finish the route in four days. If you plan on taking this trail, consider hiking it when it’s not winter, as the snowy and icy weather can make the track a lot tougher.

4. Top of the Sleeping Giant Trail

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioWhen it comes to fantastic views, you can’t go wrong by going to the trail that gets you atop the Sleeping Giant of Thunder Bay.

The Top of the Giant trail will help you get a fantastic view of Ontario and look over the gorgeous Lake Superior. Once you’re up there, taking a photo of the chasm is also a good look.

The hike is about 22.4 kilometers or about 14 miles, which should take you no more than ten hours to finish a roundtrip.

5. Casque Isles Trail

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioA hiking trail in Ontario that’s a little more underrated is the Casque Isles Trail. This particular course is about 53 km or around 33 miles in total. However, you can break the Casque Isles Trail into separate sections if you don’t want to do the entire hike. In total, you’ll have five segments to choose from with about 11 various access points to start.

Hiking the Casque Isles Trail allows you to enjoy a quiet look at Lake Superior’s northern shore.

6. Cup and Saucer Trail

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioIn the Northeastern part of Ontario lays Manitoulin Island. It is home to another beloved hiking trail in Ontario’s entirety.

That particular trail is the Cup and Saucer trail, which got its name due to the fascinating rock formations you can behold when you take the path.

This particular hiking route is excellent even when you’re hiking with younger family members, but remember to plan out your route first.

The limestone formation sticking out from the hardwood bush is a beauty once you reach the top of the trail.

7. Flowerpot Island Loop

7 Best Hiking Destinations in OntarioThe Flowerpot Island Loop Trail allows you to look at the island’s main sights in a few hours. The island has one of the unique rock formations, which is what it’s named after.

To get to the island, though, you have first to hire a boat service. After that, you can take the Flowerpot Island Loop trail upon arrival.

Let the Adventure Begin!

There are so many hiking trails that Ontario has to offer you. From the peaks of mountains to hikes by the shore, there’s much to see when you go there.

Next time you go on a hiking getaway, consider going to Ontario and try these trails for yourself.

About the Author

Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature. Check out her other published articles on Maptia.

7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario



7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario



7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario


7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario




7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario


7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario


7 Best Hiking Destinations in Ontario


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