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Part of our living is that you could always use some extra space for storing away things like lawn equipment, toys, seasonal decorations, and other items that don’t go well with your home decoration.

An outdoor shed is a perfect way to hack some added square footage. It’s particularly good for people who don’t own a garage. And, while sheds and barns don’t always look the most appealing, today you don’t have to worry about that.

In this post by Carports and More we look at 10 excellent outdoor storage sheds that not only look great but are also super functional.

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

The storage sheds by Suncast happen to be low-maintenance. Suncast’s Tremont range of sheds comes in multiple sizes but the most popular ones are the compact ones.

In terms of sizing, it’s four feet deep and 8 feet wide. It’s shallow and wide at the same time. Suncast Tremont Storage sheds are extremely durable. The walls, flooring, and roof are all made of metal reinforcements.

Added features include:

  • Skylight to allow daylight
  • Windowed doors
  • Door hardware with padlocks to ensure maximum peace of mind and security

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed

The house with its four huge skylights (that allow plenty of natural light to come in) gives the feel of a tiny home. There are also shatterproof windows and dual-colored storage space.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed is made of high-density polyethylene. It also has lockable steel doors. The flooring is made of slip-resistant polyethylene. The shelves are adjustable which leave plenty of room for customization; giving people the freedom and liberty to maximize storage space.

The roof is pitched to ward off rainwater while also creating overhead space of nearly 7 feet.

7 Best Sheds for Outdoor StorageRubbermaid 7×7 foot Storage Shed

This particular shed model by Rubbermaid gives you a massive 325 cubic feet of space which is enough for the majority needs of an average mower. It’s perfect for storing sports equipment, pool toys, family bicycles, etc.

You could even store all of your landscaping tools and free up a ton of space from your garage.

Rubbermaid happens to be one of the most popular shed makers in the country. Their products come with a ton of fancy features which means there’s something for everyone.

The ready-to-assemble kit is easy to work with and comes with a ton of space to store almost anything laying in your yard.

The delivery is quick and the product comes right at your doorsteps. Assembling is easy and the instructions are clear. It takes no more than one person to put the whole thing together.

The doors open a complete 180 degrees creating enough space for storing power equipment, lawnmowers, and other huge items. The only downside is that there are no shelvings included with this kit.

However, they can always be added at a later stage. Homeowners can also shop from compatible accessories such as hooks, storage baskets, and shelves for complete customization of the shed’s interiors.

Little Cottage Company Wood Storage Shed

The Colonial Pinehurst by Little Cottage Company comes in the 12×24 feet sizing; making it ideal for storing almost all kinds of gardening tools. Things like a wood splitter and chipper can be the most difficult to store; particularly during the monsoon season.

This is the time when most homeowners already have a packed garage. This particular shed/cottage comes with quite a spacious interior which would solve all of your storage woes around the year effectively. It has plenty of room for storing all kinds of tools. What’s best? As a DIY project, it’s rather easy to set it up.

All of the parts are pre-cut and walls penalized so that assembling becomes as easy as possible.

The product arrives at the customer’s doorsteps along with all the necessary hardware. However, the shingles and paint will have to be arranged separately. The shed can be color-coded, however, you want to.

Avondale Wooden Storage Shed

If you’re someone who likes the feel and texture of real wood, then you must go for the ready to assemble wood sheds from Handy Home. This is a kind of product for homeowners with a taste for traditional things.

The barn comes with swing-open doors that lead to a spacious 550 cubic meters of storage space. The metal framing is completely customized.

You can go with ceiling-hung shelving as well as wall-hung shelving. There’s plenty of storage space for all kinds of stuff including seasonal items such as lawn equipment, skis, fishing poles, etc. You can even store garden tools like cultivators, spades, hoes, and shovels.

Outsunny Metal Storage Shed

This metal shed by Outsunny comes with promising features such as two doors, four vents, and generous sizing. The roof is sloped to prevent rain and snow from collecting. The metal finish is both attractive and durable.

The shed will serve all your utilitarian purposes and will also last long; thanks to its sturdy base construction.

One of the features that truly stands out is the sliding double doors. If you are short on space where swing-out doors would take added space, then this is the product for you. The door slides inwards thus saving you a lot of precious outdoor space.

Bottom Line

We hope this post will help you pick the right bar for your next home improvement project. So, which one appealed to you the most?

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