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It is difficult to avoid damage and dryness when you go for harsh experiments like hair dying. Each of your hair strands has 3 layers. The inner layer is medulla, which is surrounded by the cortex. The outer layer is the cuticle. The cuticle layer protects your hair, and when it is damaged, your hair becomes dried up and breakable. All of the chemical contribution, combined with pollution and the sun rays results in damaged hair.

There is nothing more depressing than cutting off your hair off because it has become dehydrated, dead, and fragile or spending a lot on hair curing like PRP treatment etc. But there is good news for you, you can still protect and restore the hair healthiness with home remedies, balanced diet and some extra care.

7 Effective Tips to Save Your Colour Damaged Hair AllOntarioLet’s discuss the main sources of hair damage

Some common Causes of Hair Damage

  • Bleaching
  • Blow Dryers, Curling Irons, & Flat Irons
  • Getting addicted to up dos
  • Hair Colouring
  • Over Brushing
  • Over Shampooing
  • Perms
  • Using the Wrong Products
  • Save you colour-damaged hair
  1. Use Sulphate-Free Shampoos and Conditioners

When it comes to conditioners and shampoos, go for natural hair products that are free of chemicals like sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. Opt for natural ingredients, such as deep conditioning home-made masks and oils instead of harsh hair care products.

However, products having chemicals mostly gives good results but have shown harmful effects on colour damaged hair. Thus go for products that are free of harsh chemicals to avoid further hair damage.

  1. 7 Effective Tips to Save Your Colour Damaged Hair AllOntario Use oils

Frequently oil your hair to keep it nourished and healthy. Different oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil should be used. Massage the oil gently into the scalp and leave it on for minimum two hours prior to shampooing. Oil creates a shielding barrier around the cuticle and promotes the hair shaft. Coconut oil has penetrating properties that encourage the hair shaft with fatty acids.

  1. Consume Protein-Rich Foods

Consume foods which are high in protein like fish, yogurt, eggs, and soya, to support your hair back to strength. Your hair is fabricated of proteins, and when it is damaged, you need additional protein to restore its healthiness. Go for foods that are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, you must keep in mind that excessive intake of protein with too little moisture will result in hair breakage. Consume more protein while at the same time moisturize your hair with conditioning masks.

  1. Go for a Good Trim

For your colour damaged hair, the foremost thing you can do to make it look better is to have a trim. You don’t have to cut your hair really short to achieve good results; you can cut some damaged hair tips and treat the remaining hair. If you are brave enough to cut it short, a cute pixie or short bob can trim down all the damage in one go. If you love your long hair, a trim with layers can be the way to cope with damaged locks to look good. Hair likely to be damaged toward the tips; it is mostly affected by styling products, hair dying, and other damage-causing sources.

  1. 7 Effective Tips to Save Your Colour Damaged Hair Protect Your Damaged Hair under the Sun and In the Pool

Always put on a swim cap while swimming. Chlorine results in hair damage that increases with time. If you still go for swimming without a cap, wash your head gently to rinse off chlorine. Whenever you go out under sun, try to cover your head with cap or hat; the sun’s rays will do extra damage to your hair, which was already damaged by colouring. The sun’s exposure is more extreme during the summer months; take care of your hair especially in this part of year. After a long day under the sun like spending time at the beach or a hike, think about giving your hair a hydrating treatment to stay away from additional hair damage.

  1. Do Deep Conditioning Treatments Once Every Week. 

Deep conditioning treatments are intended to keep it hydrated all week long.

  • Apply a tablespoon of deep conditioner to your hair and comb it through.
  • Start from about one inch above the roots and comb down to the tips.
  • Clip your hair and cover it with a shower cap.
  • Wait an hour before shampooing it out of your hair.

You can just use household things like almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil or buy deep conditioning treatments from a shop.

Don’t do deep conditions more than once a week, by doing so can damage your hair

  1. Handle Your Hair Gently After Wash

Hair is easily breakable when it is wet, thus it should be handled gently. It is important to take extra care when you are washing and towel drying your hair. Suppose your hair as a fine wool sweater or a silk dress. You should not roughly rub it.

While washing hair, massage your head with your fingertips and smoothly pull the shampoo out of your hair, instead of rubbing it forcefully.

Let your hair air dry for a few minutes then gently squeeze out the extra water. Gently pat with towel to dry your hair.

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