8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging Outreach
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With the advent of various digital innovations, the modern world has moved away from the established model of marketing. To date, one of the most effective ways to improve brand awareness and lead generation is guest blogging. As you may have already understood, this method is usually used as a means to get backlinks, promote content and search for potential guest post opportunities.

In other words, the more bloggers are connected to your site or blog, the more opportunities to attract new customers you will get.

However, regular blogging is not an easy task. This method of promotion requires hard work in every way, but do not despair. In this article I will talk about the 8 most popular chips for this work. Make yourself comfortable.

8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging Outreach#1

Use Compliments In Your Outreach Template.

As a rule, to successfully attract the attention of any blog you can use compliments as a tool. On one hand, compliments received via email may not seem quite real; in this case, try to use ordinary platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, many blogs will appreciate your perseverance and you will come to an agreement in cooperation. Sometimes you can use flattery, but only in a mild form, because the abuse of flattery will not lead you to anything.


Look for Blogs that are Directly Related to Your Niche

First of all, an important aspect of guest blogging is that there are a huge number of blogs. Many of these blogs are simply not suitable for you. You need to analyze the bloggers and blogs on which you would like to publish your content. When contacting blogs that have nothing to do with your business will not lead you to any result, you will simply lose your time.

8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging Outreach#3

Promote Your Posts across Social Networks

Promotion of your posts in social networks will play into the hands of both the author and your company. Most likely you have spent a lot of time on the promotion of bloggers and writing material for various blogs, then it would be nice to make sure that this material is not left without attention, that is, now you need to agree with the blogger that you jointly share this material in their social networks. This will undoubtedly affect the increase in traffic for the site, which will lead to the emergence of new interested people.

8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging Outreach AllOntario#4

Build Trust and Credibility

Before you start working with a person, take care not to make a mistake in sending a request by e-mail. Try to add some information about yourself to give the person an idea of who you are. Bloggers often have the question of which most of the senders in their Inbox are. Add specific links. These can be links to your social networks, websites, company websites or blogs. After all, a blogger should have no difficulty in contacting you.

8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging Outreach#5

Track Results

Many bloggers often have a few questions: “Are they following the right strategy? Are they choosing the right blogs? What affects traffic the most?” As a rule, tracking any results in this regard has a decisive factor. You should not focus only on your results; try to track the results of each guest blogger in the blog. In any case, adhering to this you will be able to identify the effectiveness of your strategy, as well as work on mistakes.


Share Your Guest Post Ideas

To begin with, before coming into contact with the site, you will need to study the content posted by the blogger on the site. After studying the content, come up with a couple of topics related to the topics of the last posted articles. The chances that a blogger will refuse free content are low, since almost any blogger will not mind using free content that will bring him a couple of links. Without any doubt you will notice the result that will pleasantly surprise you.

8 Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging Outreach AllOntario#7

Start Outreach

Make sure that your guest blogging request is not a template. Since often such requests are simply ignored. Here are a few rules that will help you avoid many mistakes in this regard.

  • Your email request should contain elements showing that you have read the materials posted on the blog, and specifically questions relating to the target audience, and the topics on which the blog itself is actually focused.
  • Try to stick to short queries. Otherwise, your proposal will not receive any attention. As a rule, at the beginning of your request, you specify the reason why you want to publish your material on this blog.
  • Next, you need to take care of drawing up a brief description of your article. Usually this is the title and a small numbered list of what you would like to include in your article. By doing so, you will raise interest from the blog and clarify many points regarding the content.


Look for a Link in Common

The undoubted advantage will be the presence of friends who could introduce you to a blogger who would be interested in your material. Currently, this should not cause any difficulties due to the existence of social networks. In the matter of finding common friends, you will need such well-known services as Facebook or the same LinkedIn. These services will help you find a person who can be in any way associated with the blog you are targeting. When you find a person, your chances will double dramatically and you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to write a guest post for a suitable blog.

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