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Experts call the kitchen ‘the heart’ of every home for a reason. You spend more time in the kitchen, and it’s the place where you prepare meals for your loved ones. A kitchen is only complete when its faucet and sink add as much to the form as they add to the function of the entire kitchen. Therefore, if you intend to acquire these staples, pick a faucet that will work perfectly, complement your kitchen design, and withstand years of daily use.

The basic function of a kitchen faucet is to dispense cold or hot water for washing hands, dishes, and food. Besides, a faucet plays a significant role in defining the style of the entire kitchen design. Given the varying designs, finishes, and mounting styles of faucets, learning how to choose the right one will make things easier for you. Here is what you should consider when choosing the right faucet for your kitchen.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen FaucetMounting Style Kitchen Faucets 

To decide the right faucet mounting style for your kitchen, think about your daily experiences and decide the right combination of features that help you create a perfect combination of sink and faucet. Here are the common faucet mounting styles.

Sink-mounted faucets

Not all faucets and sinks are compatible. If you’re planning a home renovation in Richmond Hill and need a new faucet, check the number of mounting holes in your sink. When replacing the current faucet that needs fewer holes than you have, pick a faucet with an escutcheon plate to cover the unused holes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen FaucetWall-mounted faucets

These faucets make countertop cleaning a breeze. However, wall-mounted faucets must be installed carefully to work perfectly with the available sink. The distance projected by the water spout will determine whether the faucet is compatible with the sink.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen Faucet AllOntarioDeck-mounted faucets

The faucet is directly mounted to the kitchen countertop rather than the sink. During installation, it’s wise to allow at least a finger’s width between the faucet and the wall for easier cleaning.

Kitchen Faucet Handle Options

Though it may seem arbitrary, whatever goes into turning on a faucet is just as imperative as how the faucet sprayer works. We are talking about differences here. Different kitchen faucets have different handles. A good kitchen faucet can make a big difference when it comes to washing the dishes or cleaning your hands. Here are the common options you can choose from.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen Faucet AllOntarioSingle-handled faucets

These faucets rotate directionally, usually offering you the ability to regulate the water flow with an up and down motion. Side to side handle motion regulates the water temperature.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen FaucetDouble-handled faucets

These units require at least three holes for installation. The varying handle options make this faucet design more customizable. They have dedicated cold, and hot water handles making it easier for the user to adjust the water temperature and flow rate more accurately.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen Faucet AllOntarioHands-free faucets

These faucets are activated by a sensor. They have a handle on the side that allows the user to adjust the water temperature and flow rate.

Faucet Material and Finish

Polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed nickel, nickel, stainless steel, black, and white are some of the standard faucet finishes and colors. Faucet finishes from different manufacturers might not be the same. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy accessories such as a soap dispenser or hand spray from the same collection to get a perfect match.


Do you own a kitchen that is a reminiscence of a farmhouse kitchen or a sleek and contemporary one? You can opt for a historically detailed faucet or a simple faucet. Other faucet styles include curved and 0-degree angled faucets.

Note that faucet is one item that can shift the appearance of your kitchen to express your preferred style. Depending on the current design of your kitchen, expected renovation, and your tastes you can pick the right faucet style or work with an interior décor expert if you’re not sure of what fits your kitchen.

A Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Kitchen FaucetCost and quality

Many faucets use a ceramic disk, cartridge, or ball valves. Faucets with solid brass or stainless steel base and a ceramic disk valve are more durable and cost more than ones with plastic parts. Weight is a sign of a good quality faucet. If you don’t know how to differentiate a solid brass faucet from others, pick it up. It will feel heavier than all the other units.

There is more to a kitchen faucet than running water. It’s easy to get caught up in analyzing how your desired faucet will transform your kitchen space. According to interior décor experts, it’s advisable to check all available faucets designs, material, finishes, handle options, and more to pick a piece that not only regulates water temperature and flow rate perfectly but also complements your kitchen design.

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