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AllOntario.ca is a Problem-Solving Guide for Ontario residents and a marketplace for Ontario businesses.

It’s all about living and doing business in Ontario. All in one site.

AllOntario.ca is created by Ontarians for Ontarians and dedicated to:

  • Providing Ontario residents with information about the options they have when a daily life problem arises
  • Helping Ontario businesses with comprehensive up-to-date and accurate business-related information including government grants, new laws and regulations and more
  • Delivering a high quality advertising platform for the cost that every Ontario small business can afford
  • Promoting Ontario entrepreneurs online through FREE business directory
  • Writing about Canadian heritage, people and values to instill in people’s hearts patriotic feelings, pride and honour of being Canadians
  • Encouraging people to discover Ontario, its natural beauty and everything wonderful that Ontario has to offer
  • Creating enjoyable reading to make people feel better, think positive and be optimistic


Our readers are Ontarians with average income: single or married; women or men; youth or seniors; employees or individuals running their own businesses; homeowners; landlords or tenants; drivers or non-drivers, newcomers; etc. etc. We have a great feedback from them and very often people visit AllOntario.ca for references as a one-stop shop to find the right solutions for a variety of ordinary life difficulties.

MAKING LIFE EASIER is our motto.


There are two major blocks:

  1. Formal Information – “Everything About”
  2. Categorized News and Marketplace for Ontario Businesses

1. Formal Information – EVERYTHING ABOUT:


Accidents Employment Grants
Motor Vehicle Accidents Employment Standards Federal
Personal Injury Job Related Law Ontario
Accident Benefit Claims Job Grants Toronto
Business Unemployment Private
Biz Startup Job Grants Youth
Financing Law Seniors
Intellectual Property Law: General Low Income
Biz Related Law Human Rights Landlord & Tenant
Citizenship Legal Aid Life Events
Passport Municipal Bylaw Birth, Death, Marriage
Drivers Consumer Protection Buying a Home
Driver’s Licence Other Legal Issues Money
Driver Related Law Immigration Bankruptcy
Auto Insurance Immigrate Credit History
Newcomers Visit Canada Income Tax
Guide for Newcomers Work Temporary Pensions
Credential Recognition Study in Canada Small Claims Court
Insurance Sponsor Your Family Traffic Tickets


2. Categorized News and Marketplace for Ontario Businesses


Problem Solving Lifestyle Discovering Ontario
Employment Architecture Cities & Towns
Immigration Arts & Culture Parks
Law Auto Museums
Money Computers Attractions
Relationship Education Resort & Cottages
Event Accommodation
Business Fashion Weekend Trips
Startup Food & Drinks
Development Health & Beauty Ontarians
Management Home & Garden
Marketing Real Estate Easy Reading
Software Technology Ontario’s Authors
Success Stories Travel Reader’s Digest

The “SEO + PR” approach is our little secret

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How you can benefit out of placing your articles on AllOntario.ca

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We are sure, AllOntario.ca will become a unique and comprehensive source, a help-guide, an encyclopedia of Ontario life as well as a pleasant and interesting reading.

At AllOntario.ca, we are working day and night to create a one-stop site about the possibilities you can explore to find answers for your queries. We are doing our best to make you feel better, think positive, be optimistic, and return to us on regular basis.


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