All DANIER Stores Closing! 25-75% OFF!

All DANIER Stores Closing! 25-75% OFF!

All DANIER stores and outlets closing! 25-75% OFF everything!

If you are a fan of fashionable leather jackets, bags or gloves – hurry up! Store closing sales have already started! In addition to the leather current inventories, the stores are now receiving new shipments from warehouses. Gift cards will be accepted at all closing locations.

All DANIER Stores Closing! 25-75% OFF!

Headquartered in Toronto and founded in 1972, Danier Leather Inc. entered insolvency proceedings in February as it attempted to find a buyer.

The company has tried to turn things around by renegotiating terms with suppliers, seeking rent rebates and lease buyouts from landlords. But all their attempts were not successful. Usually, the highest volume of the company’s annual sales is generated in November and December. The October sales were promising, but November and December 2015 made it clear that there is no way back to normal.

Low Canadian dollar also contributed to Danier’s problems because the company pays for a lot of inventory in US dollars, while sales are in Canadian funds.

There are over 80 Danier Leather stores and outlets across Canada that employ hundreds of employees that are not unionized. The company does not maintain a pension plan, which makes things worse for people working at Danier.

When big brands are going down, it’s almost impossible to stop the move. We saw Eaton, we see Sears, and now – Danier.

Everything is for sale at Danier: all goods, the store fixtures, furniture and equipment.

Goodbye Danier!

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