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It is no hidden secret that having a cloud-based contact centre is the first step towards success. Whether you take the reduced cost into account or talk about the ways to upkeep your promise of severing 24/7, cloud-based contact centre solutions are here to weave success for you.

Basic hardware and software requirements of your cloud-based contact centre AllOntarioThere is hardly any front where it won’t help you make things better and streamlined. This is the only to keep your customers at pivot while keeping the operational cost as low as possible. It’s the backbone of every business and helps it to stay afloat in the cut-throat world.

Building a growth-driven cloud-based contact centre solutions

Now that we all admit the viability of cloud-based centre solutions, it’s time to know what all it takes to build it. There are some hardware and software requirements that you need to meet to make it happen. If you are aware of them then it’s good. If not then don’t worry. We will explain this just right now.

Software requirements for your cloud-based contact centre

Well, you would be glad to know that you don’t need a whole bunch of software to build a cloud-based contact centre. Only call centre software from a trusted service provider would be more than enough. It comes as a full-fledged package to meet all your contact centre requirements.

Whether you want to run an inbound contact centre to an outbound one, you need a Contact Centre Software to make it happen. Though most of the things are the same in both the options, you need to get different packages depending upon your needs.

Hardware requirements for your cloud-based contact centre

Well, if you are tired of paying hefty maintenance and set-up cost on hardware that you spend when using PSTN-based solutions, you can take a deep breath and relax with cloud-based solutions. The hardware cost of setting up cloud-based contact centre software is far less than from the traditional method.

All the major components are already deployed on the cloud and a simple login will gain you access to them. However, there is some hardware that you need by your side for smooth operations of the contact centre using a virtual phone system. Here is the list:

Basic hardware and software requirements of your cloud-based contact centreStable and reliable internet

If you are willing to set-up a cloud-based contact centre then you must understand that everything in this option happens using the internet. So, a stable and high-quality internet connection is your elementary need here. Without it, you don’t move any forward.

You must ensure that the bandwidth of your existing internet connection can take the load. For the flawless voice quality, you need a supportive bandwidth. Before you get the virtual phone number for the contact centre, you must ask for a trial run from your service provider.

There are many leading cloud telephony service provider that offers this facility to its customers and help them find out the compatibility of their internet connection with the future cloud-telephony system.

High-quality router

There is no point of having a great quality internet connection if it isn’t able to reach out to you properly. This is why you need a high-quality router. Consumer-class won’t work here. You need a business class one that can support dozen of computers at once. They can also help you with handling additional traffic of voice and data streams. If you are using one then you can easily carry on your combined voice and data streams on a single network connection.

Phones or Softphones

The very basic yet very fundamental hardware is a physical phone or softphone. It’s the point where any communication starts. Though physical phones like traditional IP PBX phone systems may suffice the purpose in most of the cases, a softphone is always the best bet.

The softphone allows you or your agents to communicate from anywhere and get connected seamlessly with your call centre software.

A data-driven device like laptops / computers / mobile devices

To run your contact centre software, you need a data-driven device like a laptop, computer, or mobile phone. It acts like the most crucial base that your contact centre would require.

Though small operations can be handled over mobile devices, a high-power laptop/computer is needed to build a fully-functional cloud-based contact centre solution. Having a PC/laptop with a 3Ghz P4 processor, 1 GB RAM, 10/100 Ethernet, and 120 GB Hard drive will work perfectly and handle heavy traffic.

Analog telephone adapters (ATAs)

If, because of any reason, you are planning to keep your analog phones then you might need Analog telephone adapters or ATAs. These adapters help you to convert the analog signals into VoIP calls and make them run over an internet connection.

A step closer to success

As long as you have contact centre solutions running over the cloud, success is on the card. You will be able to save a huge fortune and run the call centre without any hassles. Just make sure you are buying all the requirements from the trusted service provider.

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