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The most conventional tools for most advertising campaigns are the TV, radio and newspaper. But the cost of these may not prove a very wise investment, especially when considering smaller businesses. On top of being quite expensive, these methods cover a larger area than your business may require, reaching people who are unlikely to travel the long distances necessary to shop from your establishment, rendering them inefficient, considering the amount of money you paid for. There are also online advertising campaigns, but they also prove to be less effective for gaining additional customers, as not everyone is an active internet user.

LED Signs for Business in Toronto & the GTA –

If you want people in the vicinity of your business to know what you’re selling or what services you’re offering, consider LED signs as a cheaper, more reliable method of attracting new clients. There aren’t any additional investments involved after buying an LED sign, as they can be easily reprogrammed to reflect new information or discounts, with the help of specialized software included with the purchase, unlike other methods of advertisement.

In the past, fluorescent and neon signs were predominant, but LEDs represent the future of lighting and they are gaining more and more turf and appreciation from business owners. LED lights can last up 100.000 hours. That’s at least 5 years more than any other type of bulb and, on top of that, because it uses no gases that may leak, their brightness will be the same for the entire duration of their lifespan.

Their brightness is one of the most impressive things about LED lighting, as the messages can be clearly read from afar or closer, both during the night and when the sun shines very intensely, no matter if the potential customers are walking or driving by. This is something you won’t encounter in neon or fluorescent lights, which have a hard time maintaining the consistency of their brightness levels, which may lead to diminishing sales.

Another advantage of LED signs is they are very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Most of them only use 10 watts of power, more than 80% less than other types of bulbs. They also don’t use toxic gases like argon or mercury and can be easily recycled. Your lighting costs will be kept to a minimum, as well as the air conditioning costs if you’re using indoor LED signs, since the heat generated by them is virtually imperceptible.

The versatility of LED lighting is a huge reason why people choose it over more traditional lighting technologies. You can virtually use any combination of colors and program them to display your logo and relevant information, as well as creating all types of movement, like flashing or fading. That will surely make your establishment stand out from the crowd and attract more customers inside.

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