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Here are the best YouTube growth strategies your business needs to take advantage of.

So you have a YouTube channel for your business but are looking for ways to attract more viewers, subscribers, and ultimately to boost profits? There are billions of potential customers out there who are using this platform every week, so it’s crazy to not exploit the possibilities to the absolute max. So while this all sounds perfectly reasonable, perhaps you are struggling to know which methods are best for you to reach such goals?

Relax – we have saved you many hours of research by putting together some great information on a few (free) top class YouTube growth strategies that you can grab and take immediate advantage of.


Make your business real

It’s crucial to have viewers know, like and trust your business, and a great way to do this is to tell them as much about both the company, and the people behind it, as you can. It’s pretty easy to do – things like filling out your YouTube profile with accurate (and, where appropriate, interesting) details, making it easy for viewers to contact you or to get to key sites like your website’s sales/order page. Include content which allows viewers to forge a connection, things like a behind the scenes look at the business or sound bites from staff.


Don’t focus on selling

This may seem counter-intuitive, after all you created the channel to promote your business, but there are plenty of ways to cultivate future customers or clients without making everything into a hard sell. Instead focus a lot of energy on creating content which relates to what you do/sell/offer but offers something of value to the person watching it. This can be based around providing information, help, entertainment or advice, with the underlying goal of developing your brand and creating relationships. To be successful at this really depends on having a clearly identified target audience and a good understanding of what matters to them.

If you want to grow your channel quickly at first and get a bigger presence, buying subscribers can be a viable option. There are of course some risks associated with this and you will need to be aware of these, to learn more have a read here at Social Media Daily.


Include great visuals

Images are always a help when you want to catch people’s attention – so look for original, relevant and memorable visuals to use for your thumbnail. This really helps attract viewers if your business channel pops up in a list of suggested videos.


Max out your keyword use

So long as it is done in a natural looking way it does pay to get your main keywords into as many places as possible on your YouTube channel. Include them in your profile, content, video titles, tags and descriptions without going crazy. [If you don’t already have a go-to list of keywords to hand then now is the time to get that sorted.]


Be inspired by what others like

It’s always worth investing some time every week to keep an eye on channels similar to your own to see what is trending, and also if anything is getting a lot of negative responses. Look at the videos from businesses ranking high in the search results and get a feel for what they are doing that works. This isn’t about being a copycat, but being inspired to try new things with your own personal twist on them.

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