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There are over 27,000 Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Canada, according to Census Canada. This is 30% more than the 1996–2001 period. To respond to this increased level of activity, BDC offers an even greater variety of consulting and financial services for Aboriginal businesses. In addition to conventional lending and advice, BDC’s Aboriginal Banking also offers a number of special activities and initiatives.

  • Aboriginal Business Development Fund (ABDF): Financing with management training and mentorship. Managed by Aboriginal community organizations.
  • Peer lending: Lending initiatives to help groups obtain money.
  • Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business (GCAB): Financing for start-up businesses and existing businesses.
  • Start a business: Join the ranks of other highly successful Aboriginal entrepreneurs, start on the right track with BDC financing and consulting.
  • BDC Initiatives:
  • E-Spirit: National Aboriginal youth business plan competition. Introduces students in grades 10 to 12 to entrepreneurship
  • Summer student and internship program: Provides Aboriginal youth with summer employment and internship experience while they are attending college or university


Canadian women entrepreneurs represent an increasing economic force. Over 15 years ago, BDC began to focus on women in business and the results speak for themselves. BDC’s total lending committed to women has more than doubled, representing over $1.8 billion today Whether you are looking for financing or experienced consultants, BDC works with you to find a complete solution for your long-term success. BDC looks at your whole project – its viability, your management team, and your company’s financial strength, commitment, and future prospects. This allows BDC to be more flexible, take greater risks, and to help an increasing number of innovative women entrepreneurs.


As a young entrepreneur between 19 and 35, you have what it takes to be successful: motivation, dedication, energy, inspiration, and innovation. BDC encourages your efforts with specialized financing and management consulting solutions. Each year, BDC highlights the outstanding achievements of young Canadian entrepreneurs at the Young Entrepreneur Awards.


Customized term financing for new businesses demonstrating long-term viability. If requested, BDC can also provide personalized management support.

  • Start-Up Financing
  • Working capital: to supplement an existing line of credit
  • Acquiring fixed assets
  • Marketing and start-up fees
  • Buying a franchise


Advice from an experienced business advisor can be one of your best investments. From in-depth business and financial planning to management coaching, BDC’s support can help your business move forward confidently.

  • Effective business plan
  • Financial planning
  • Business coaching

BDC’s financing solution can provide support to entrepreneurs who:

  • Are in the start-up or early growth phase (first 12 months of sales)
  • Can demonstrate realistic market and sales potential
  • Possess experience or expertise in their chosen field
  • Demonstrate key personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Have assembled a competent management team
  • Have invested reasonable financial resources in the enterprise
  • Can provide personal and credit references


  • Commercial real estate: Purchase of land and buildings, construction of new premises, expansion or improvement of existing or rented premises
  • Equipment and machinery purchase: New and used
  • Working capital for growth projects: Implement marketing strategies, develop new products and markets or boost inventory to support increased sales
  • Start-up financing: Marketing and other start-up costs, franchise purchases
  • Business succession: Buyouts by family, management or outside parties
  • Market expansion: Foreign or domestic market expansion activities
  • Projects without tangible assets: Subordinate financing for acquisitions, shareholder buyouts, working capital and intangible assets
  • Aboriginal banking: Aboriginal staff helps you access capital and make the most of economic opportunities
  • The Operating Line of Credit Guarantee™ is available to help financial institutions provide their creditworthy clients with the financing they need to remain competitive and continue to grow in challenging economic times. It is aimed at operating lines of credit with authorized limits between $400,000 and $40,000,000. This solution enables participating financial institutions to increase a client’s operating Line of Credit (LOC) or in some cases maintain it, by guaranteeing 100% of the incremental portion of the operating LOC. If you and your financial institution agree that an Operating Line of Credit GuaranteeTM can be a solution to relieve temporary pressure on your cash flow management, your financial institution must contact BDC to make the request. To be eligible, your business must be commercially viable, have an operating LOC secured by short-term assets (i.e. accounts receivable, inventory) and meet eligibility criteria. Your financial institution is responsible for assessing your business eligibility criteria.
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