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Canadian Heritage is responsible for national policies and programs that promote Canadian content, foster cultural participation, active citizenship and participation in Canada’s civic life, and strengthen connections among Canadians. The Department plays a vital role in the cultural and civic life of Canadians. Canadian Heritage offers financial support to organizations who contribute to departmental objectives related to culture, arts, heritage, official languages, citizenship and participation, Aboriginal, youth, and sport initiatives. This Web site provides a brief description of each funding program, information on how, when, and where to apply, as well as funding eligibility. It also provides information for funding recipients on reporting requirements and acknowledging financial assistance received from the Department.

Funding Programs

  • Arts and Cultural Industries
    • Books
    • Broadcasting and Digital Media
    • Cultural Spaces
    • Festivals and Performing Arts
    • Film and Video
    • Magazines and Newspapers
    • Museums and Galleries
    • Music
  • Cultural Diversity and Rights
    • Aboriginal Peoples
    • Human Rights
    • Women
  • Exchanges, Jobs and Studies
  • Heritage Objects and Spaces
  • Holidays, Celebrations and Commemorations
  • Official Languages
  • Sport



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