Choosing a Great Location in Toronto for Your Wedding Photoshoot

Choosing a Great Location in Toronto for Your Wedding Photoshoot
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Choosing а photo location is as important as choosing a wedding dress. It is a personal choice that will affect how the wedding day is remembered for years to come. The location will set the tone for your wedding day. It will bind the entire day together to create a unified story of a perfect experience.

When deciding on the location, make sure to make it a personal choice. Think of your mutual interests, the places you have met, trips you went on together. Choosing a place which has a real emotional meaning for you can make the result truly magical.

Country or city types will look and feel different on country or city landscapes respectively. Trees, architecture, bridges, glass – there are so many styles and backgrounds you can choose from, so let your imagination and memory guide you to that special place that is perfect for you both.

Now let’s mention some details that should also be taken into consideration when you are deciding on your wedding photoshoot location. The following list of tips will make the decision-making process so much simpler.

Indoors or outdoors shoot, which is better?

If you want the photos to be taken indoors, light will be a potential issue. Natural light photographers thrive in conditions of abundant lighting and will need to have lots of indoor light near windows, balconies and doorframes to work their magic for you.

Many places in bigger cities will require payment before they grant you permission to book the venue for a wedding photoshoot. Even if you are fine with the expense, make sure to book well in advance, as there are lots of photographers in the GTA waiting for that same place you want to shoot in. Do your research, make some calls and have a backup!

How much time should we dedicate to the shoot?

This is very important. You spend a lot of money on your photographer to capture your best moments, and producing those will require some time. Most professionals will want 2 hours at the very least, not including travel time or family portrait time.

The family shoot is a separate decision and you can choose to have them taken before or after, but you will need to delegate time for them separately. Those photos can take between twenty and fifty minutes, and you should take this time into account when planning your wedding day photography timeline.

How many locations should we choose?

This is of course entirely to you, but keep in mind that breaking up the time and travelling between several locations can cause a drop in excitement levels take out some of the magic out of the process. Two locations would be optimal for variety and we wouldn’t recommend exceeding 3. You want the day to flow freely.

Time of day is also an important choice

In the daylight, high noon may provide too much light from directly overhead. If you want to shoot in the daylight, pick a time of day that puts the sun slightly lower on the horizon or use a location with plenty of shade. A well-lit indoor location is also a safe option, especially since you will not depend on natural light that can change with weather conditions.

We hope this will help you make a good choice of location for your wedding day. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call for more info and advice!

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