Are you going to propose to the girl of your dreams? You must be feeling extremely anxious and stressed out at this moment as you have to buy a beautiful Singapore engagement ring. Some guys enjoy this kind of shopping pressure, but others find it to be confusing as well as a trying experience. After all, selecting the right color and size of the gem within one’s budget is not that easy. But don’t worry, with a customized diamond ring, you can never go wrong. And what you feel for your partner can also get quickly communicated. As far as the process goes, here are some useful tips that can help you shop for her favorite rock easily.


Each style has something unique to convey. And it has been a tradition too. If you know, the act of proposing started in the Roman era, where the guy would put a proposal ring with small keys on his girl’s finger to signal his ownership. It also marks the commitment to one another.

Diamond cut and shape can play a critical role in this entire journey. It is one element that can accentuate the elegance of the crystal well. In the market, you will come across many options in proposal rings, right from solitaries to the slot rings to something with initials, and so on. You have to explore these and many other choices before you identify with a specific pattern and feel sure that your partner would like it too.


The setting of the diamond ring is as important as the cut and shape of the stone itself. You can consider it to be the backbone because the shine of the rock and its overall appearance depends on this factor a lot. In custom rings, you can encounter a variety of choices.   There can be vine, twig, twirl, seashell, knot, and many such designs for the band. Then, you would also need to decide whether you want gold, platinum, or something else to define this setting. No matter which option you choose, make sure it is unique and gives a gorgeous top and side views so that it looks perfect from every angle.


Getting a customized diamond ring is no joke. You cannot trust anybody randomly. So, make sure to visit a professional and trusted jewelry designer who specializes in proposal and engagement rings. They can offer you an extensive range in cuts, shapes, settings, metals, and much more. You need to search your options right and tell them what elements you want to see in your ring. For instance, many people pick initials or symbolic designs to demonstrate the depth of their emotions. If you have something similar in your mind, you can share it with them. They will have some helpful suggestions for you.

Purchasing a proposal diamond ring can feel both emotional and unnerving at times. But do not let these things distract you. Keep your goal honest and straightforward. You don’t need to dig out anything too fancy. Diamonds are every girl’s favorite, and when someone with full of love for them picks it, they don’t need anything else.

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