Daily Court Information Available Online

Court Information Available Online
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New Online Service Helping to Build Modern, Accessible Justice System: A new online service is making it easier for people to find out where and when they need to go to court.

View daily court lists now at www.ontariocourtdates.ca

This online version of the daily court lists allows court users to search for basic information about next-day court appearances, including the case number, the names of the parties involved and the time, location and reason for that appearance.

The website gives court users a faster, more convenient way to access daily court list information, which until now could only be obtained by calling or visiting the courthouse in person.

Easier access to court information supports the Ontario government’s commitment to strengthening the justice system.

Quick Facts

  • The online daily court lists will be updated each day around 4:30 p.m. with case information for the next 24 hours.
  • Cases subject to statutory, common law or court-ordered public access restrictions will not appear on the online court lists. This includes cases about adoptions, child protection cases and criminal cases involving youth. Cases subject to a publication ban will list only the initials of the parties involved, not their full names.
  • For more detailed information about any case, users should contact the courthouse where the matter is being heard.

Ministry of the Attorney General, April 16, 2014

Source: http://news.ontario.ca/mag/en/2014/04/daily-court-information-now-available-online.html

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