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The Canada Council for the Arts awards grants for the creation, production and dissemination of works of dance. The operating activities of professional organizations, artists’ travel and professional development, tours and festivals are also funded, as are a host of related events and initiatives.

Grant Programs

  • Grants to Dance Professionals
  • Grants to Aboriginal Dance Professionals
  • Travel Grants to Dance Professionals
  • Dance Touring Grants – National
  • Dance Touring Grants – International (Pilot Program)
  • Production Project Grants in Dance
  • Artists and Community Collaboration Program in Dance
  • Aboriginal Peoples Production Project Grants in Dance
  • Dance on Screen Production Fund
  • Creation/Production in Dance: Multi-Year and Annual Funding
  • Annual Support to Aboriginal Peoples Dance Companies, Organizations and Collectives
  • Support Services to the Dance Milieu: Project Funding (including Visiting Foreign Artists)
  • Support Services to the Dance Milieu: Multi-Year and Annual Funding
  • Support for Creation-based Collaborations: Local, National and International (Pilot Program)
  • Dance Presenter Support: Festivals
  • Dance Presenter Support: Foreign Artists Tours
  • The Flying Squad: An Organizational Development Program

Endowments And Prizes

  • John Hobday Awards in Arts Management
  • Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Awards
  • Jacqueline Lemieux Prize
  • Japan-Canada Fund
  • Molson Prizes
  • Peter Dwyer Scholarships
  • Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts

Special Projects and Initiatives

  • ON THE ROAD – The Performing Arts Tour and Presenting Handbooks

An on-line learning tool for presenters and touring artists in dance, music, theatre, young audience and spoken word

  • Canadian Directory of Dance on Tour

The Canadian Directory of Dance on Tour profiles Canadian dance companies and artists for the information of international dance promoters.

  • Dancing Our Stories


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