Do You Wanna Know a Secret about Magnetic Content Writing?

Do You Wanna Know a Secret about Magnetic Content Writing?
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Do you wanna know a secret about magnetic content writing?

Here it comes: Forget cool; think relevant and SEO optimized.

There is a constantly growing demand for professional content writing services simply because quality and SEO optimized content often translates into higher revenues. Your website has to be useful for your target audience. Fill it up with information to attract a particular type of customer.

Content writing is about writing relevant texts for web pages. Every website is designed for a specific target audience, on a specific topic and requires specific level of content with specific keywords.

A skilled content writer is able to come out with a message that entice and engage visitors, so they continue browsing on that website: the longer a visitor stays on a particular site, the greater the likelihood they will eventually become customers.

Moreover, the messages have to be smart in its use of keywords: they have to contain keywords that are most likely to be typed by users in web searches for better search engine indexing and ranking.

So, content should be easy to read, easy to understand and easy to be found by search engines.

In the first place, what are search engines for? To find text information. Search engines index text – content. Obviously, they need something to base their judgments on. It means that a website built with few words is at a disadvantage right from the creation.

Although, search engines do have other criteria for a website ranking, they do have a huge bias toward textual content. So, content of your website is a crucial issue.

The real world simply does NOT work the SEO-way!

The problem is that the real world simply does NOT work the way search engines do. To make it clear, let’s consider just one example:

  • Suppose you run a cleaning company. Your customers love you because you have the best prices and the best services. So, you decide to expand your business and build your website. You want your website look great. You don’t want all that extra texts, nor do your clients. And it’s a good point.
  • To rank well, your competitor has added to his website a bunch of pages about green cleaning, health issues of ozone generating air fresheners, allergens in domestic dust, new cleaning products, tips on removing cat’s hair from the furniture and much more. Do the customers care? Maybe, maybe not. And even no one of them opens and reads these articles, Google does and ranks your competitor’s website much higher than yours.
  • So, you can’t ignore the fact that search engines like content. No matter if you like it or not, you have to do the same your competitor does. And the best situation is to have lots of useful content with lots of incoming high quality links.

The power of keywords

A keyword is a backbone of Internet marketing. You cannot overestimate its effect on promoting your business online. When you conduct a search in a search engine, what does the search engine return? Matches for your keywords.

You can’t imagine how many websites starts with “Welcome”. Do you have any idea about the number in Google search results for that word? 160 million! What is in it for you? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Do your homework before starting content writing: select keywords for each of your web pages or articles. The best keyword has lots of searches, low competition and high relevancy to your business. Remember, it’s not a guess work. You may consider some words being keywords, but in fact they are not. So, don’t guess – conduct a research. can be of great help for you.

A professional SEO content writer can help you organize your keywords by web page and write what you need accordingly.

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