Driver and Vehicle Licence Fees Continue Gradual Increase

Driver and Vehicle Licence Fees Continue Gradual Increase

Ontario is continuing its gradual increase of driver and vehicle licence fees to improve vital infrastructure and support key services.

Fees for new driver’s licences and renewals, driver’s licence replacements, driver examinations and vehicle permits are among those being increased. Until last year, they had not been increased in 15 years.

The changes are necessary to cover the rising costs of maintaining provincial roads, bridges and highways and to support the quality services Ontarians rely on, such as education and health care. Even with these increases, Ontario’s passenger vehicle licence fees will remain lower than many other provinces in Canada.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has 16,900 kilometres of highway and 2,800 bridges
  • The Ontario government has committed over $19 billion since 2003 to design, repair and expand provincial highways and bridges across Ontario.
  • There are about 11.4 million vehicles registered in Ontario.

Ministry of Transportation, August 27, 2013


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