E-Services for Your Businesses Tax Matters

E-Services for Your Businesses Tax Matters

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers online services that make it faster and easier to handle your company’s tax matters. You, your employee, or your representative can file, pay, and access detailed information about your tax accounts – all online, all at your fingertips. Save time – go online!

Select the online service built for you:

  • If you are a business owner who files GST/HST, payroll, corporation income tax: My Business Account – Register or Login
  • If you act on behalf of a business either as an employee or a representative: Represent a Client – Register or Login
  • If you report your business income on a personal income tax return: My Account – Register or Login

What you can do online using e-services for your businesses tax matters:


  • GST/HST return, rebate, or election
  • T4 (payroll)
  • T2 (corporation)
  • T1 (self-employed/sole proprietorship)
  • T5 (investment)
  • Other information returns and slips
  • Notice of objection
  • T5018 (statement of contract payment)
  • Nil remittance
  • View all file options


  • Make a payment
  • Transfer payments
  • View all pay options


  • My messages
  • GST/HST return, PSB rebate, or election
  • T4 (payroll)
  • T2 (corporation)
  • T1 (self-employed/sole proprietorship)
  • T5 (investment)
  • Other information returns and slips
  • Status of authorized representatives
  • Business profile
  • Information for discounters
  • GST/HST registry
  • Account balance
  • Account transactions
  • Return status
  • Correspondence
  • Return balance
  • PD7A/PD7A(TM)
  • View all review options


  • GST/HST return and/or rebate
  • T4 (payroll)
  • T1 (self-employed/sole proprietorship)
  • T5 (investment)
  • Other information returns and slips
  • Business profile
  • Transfer payments
  • Authorizations for representatives
  • View all change options


  • Submit an enquiry
  • Web Access Code (WAC)
  • Direct deposit
  • Mailing instructions
  • Transfer credits
  • Add or remove authorized representative
  • CPP/EI ruling
  • Additional remittance voucher
  • Online mail option
  • View all request options


  • Payroll deductions
  • Corporation installments
  • Non-resident tax
  • Automobile benefits
  • GST/HST instalments
  • View all calculate options


  • New business
  • GST/HST account
  • Authorize my representative
  • Myself as a representative
  • Payroll accounts
  • View all register options

E-services for businesses allow you spend more time for your business, not for your paperwork.


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