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According to the official site of the Ministry of Transportation, starting on January 1, 2020 electric Kick Style scooters (e-scooters) are allowed on Ontario roads.

Electric vehicles may help to reduce traffic jams and will make it easier for individuals to go around their communities.

As stated by the Ministry, the pilot-project is intended to evaluate the use of scooters during a five-year period, with the goal to combine the rules of the road, which are in effect, and find out if they are sufficient for this type of vehicle.

Each Municipality will decide if they will allow the scooters in their jurisdiction and dictate the rules that will govern them.

To clarify any doubts the Ministry detailed a list of key elements of the pilot:

Key elements of the pilot-project

  • Municipalities must pass a by-law to allow them on municipal roads
  • 5-year pilot
  • Maximum speed 24 km/h
  • Maximum weight 45kg
  • Maximum power output 500W
  • Minimum operating age 16
  • No passengers allowed
  • No cargo may be carried
  • No baskets allowed
  • Riders must stand at all times
  • Bicycle helmet required for those under 18 years old
  • No pedals or seat allowed
  • Must have 2 wheels and brakes
  • Must have horn or bell
  • Must have one white light on front, one red light on rear and reflective material on sides
  • Maximum wheel diameter 17 inches
  • All H.T.A rules of the road will apply to the operation of e-scooters like bicycles
  • Penalties in H.T.A s. 228(8) will also apply to violations of pilot regulation (fine of $250 to $2,500)
  • Not allowed on controlled access highways

You can also read the full requirements reading the Ontario Regulation 389/19, Pilot Project-Electric kick-Scooters made under the Highway Traffic Act.

In addition, the Ministry published an e-Scooter Best Practice brochure that you can download from the Ministry’s official site.


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