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For people planning on suing an individual or corporation under $35,000.00

Due to the COVID-19 emergency situation, Small Claims Court are not operating as normal.

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, all sittings of the Ontario Small Claims Court are suspended until further notice. The hearings suspended include, but are not limited to, all trials, settlement conferences, motions, assessment hearings, garnishment hearings, contempt hearings and examinations, including teleconference hearings and videoconference hearings.

You can still file a Claim and if wishing a Defence, through the Small Claims Court online filing service at:

If you need information about how to start a Claim, Defend a Claim against you, up-dates on an ongoing case, request an adjournment, file a motion or Enforce a decision do not go to the Courthouse. Instead, read the information about Small Claim Court provided in the Attorney General official website.

If a Party has a due date to file documents, expect the Court to grant extensions at the time in which operations come back to normal.

Despite the above exception, Parties must comply with orders and rules requiring the service of documents and such to the opposite party.

If you require a Paralegal to help you with your claim or any additional information about the best way to proceed, you may contact the Law Society Directory or visit




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