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Exchanges Canada Program

Exchanges Canada helps fund not-for-profit organizations that deliver youth exchanges and youth forums that awaken Canadian youth to our country’s diversity of cultures and languages, landscapes and lifestyles.


Program Summary – Young Canada Works

Young Canada Works provides career opportunities for youth and solutions for Canadian employers by supporting summer job programs for students and internship programs for unemployed or underemployed college and university graduates.

Action Canada

Action Canada is a leadership development and public policy program for emerging Canadian leaders.

Odyssey-Full-Time Language Assistant Program

Odyssey is a full-time work experience that gives participants the opportunity to travel Canada, make a difference in the lives of others, and share their culture.

Accent-Part-Time Language Assistant Program

Accent is a part-time work experience that gives participants the opportunity to travel Canada, make a difference in the lives of others, and share their culture.

Languages at Work

Languages at Work offers students enrolled in the Explore program the opportunity to take their newly acquired language skills out of the classroom and into the workplace.

Canadian Conservation Institute Internships

The Canadian Conservation Institute offers internships that provide learning opportunities for the conservation community in Canada and abroad.



Katimavik is a national youth volunteer and training program that provides approximately 1,000 young people, aged 17 to 21, an opportunity to acquire personal and professional skills by involving them in community projects in one French-speaking and two English-speaking regions of Canada for a 9-month period.

Youth Take Charge

Youth Take Charge (provisional name) provides support to established youth-service organizations with national or provincial/territorial reach to work with young people on projects in the fields of history and heritage, civic engagement and youth service, arts and culture, and economic activities.


Destination Clic — French Enrichment Bursary Program

This bursary program enables young Francophones from official-language minority communities to improve their first-language skills through a five-week intensive summer course at an accredited post-secondary institution.

Explore — Second Language Summer Program

This bursary program enables young Canadians to improve their second official language through a five-week summer immersion course in an accredited post-secondary institution.

Aboriginal Post-Secondary Scholarship Program

The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation has established a scholarship fund to provide scholarships, based on merit and need to First Nations, Non-status Indians, Métis and Inuit.


Canadian Studies Program

The Canadian Studies Program supports the development of learning materials and activities that contribute to increasing Canadians’ knowledge about Canada.

Canadian Heritage Grants and Funding Programs:

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