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Lift’s heavy-duty personalization capabilities provide uniquely granular insight into the behavior and profiles of your website’s followers, and lets you build unique content experiences for them. It is integrated wonderfully with Drupal, meaning you will not need a separate application suite to harness its power. If you have some Drupal experience from building your site, you will feel right at home.

Exploring Role of Acquia Lift in Website Personalization ReportingThere are several variations to the Lift suite provided by Acquia for you to select based on your business needs. The Premium package also comes with a data warehouse, allowing you to collect and draw actionable intelligence from your operational data, such as from automation services and CRM tools.

Website personalization reporting is one of the best marketing strategies

According to, personalization has been part and parcel of marketing strategies in some shape or form from the very beginning. It allows companies to make potential customers feel special in an age of one-size-fits-none models. Market segmentation is better and more sophisticated now than ever before, thus paving the way for even better targeting. The Lift will also aggregate data about how users interact with your content and provide detailed reports for you to understand and tweak future marketing efforts. The great Profile manager will also let you roll-up or drill-down to whatever level of granularity you wish to see, meaning you have more control over your data.

Lift focuses a lot on content. You could consider tracking the reach and success of your content endeavors and that may include video e-books, in-depth pillar pages, and some other things that your business may require. You could go about tweaking these pieces while repurposing and republishing them and sharing them on diverse platforms. In general, Lift is quite easy to use. Moreover, it helps you in mastering content marketing skills.

What do you know about lift experience builder?

Experience Builder is supposed to be an Acquia Lift’s component that facilitates tracking visitors’ behavior on your site and helps in building content experiences custom-tailored to their precise desires and interests. It is famous for its tight integration with Drupal that helps you in seamlessly leveraging the Drupal knowledge and skills you have acquired from maintaining your specific site instead of being compelled to utilize a completely separate app with its unique API and interface for targeting content to all your visitors.

Exploring Role of Acquia Lift in Website Personalization Reporting AllOntario

How does utilize lift experience builder for website personalization reporting?

We know that the Lift’s Experience Builder comes with multiple different screens that you could view for obtaining quick and valuable insights into the way your personalization efforts are performing. You may initially consider setting goals and objectives. For instance, we have successfully set up certain specific goals for tracking conversions on the site. Conversion is typically categorized as basically a lead capture. It may alternatively be classified as registration for all our resources that are hosted on the site.

You may be wondering how Lift would come to know of a conversion. We have already set up specific goals or objectives in Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics. Then the information is sent by us to the Lift along with a specific HTML tag via Google Tag Manager. We understand that as Lift would be grabbing more information about all these conversions, we could meticulously review quick insights into the Experience builder even when a Lift campaign is very much in the process of conversion. Some important insights are mentioned below.

  • Conversion Value
  • Conversion Rate
  • No. of completed conversions

Once you gain these valuable data insights, you could make certain modifications in real-time for personalization that is not presently undergoing conversion.

What is profile manager?

Profile Manager would be providing a host of pre-built visualizations and reports that help you obtain valuable insights about the actions and behaviors of visitors on your website and you even have the option of keeping track of their behavior across multiple channels as well. All these reports could surely be filtered effectively for showcasing data for diverse periods and websites. In some cases, you could incorporate extra filters depending on precise event names or some other criteria.

Exploring Role of Acquia Lift in Website Personalization ReportingHow does utilize profile manager primarily for custom reporting?

Thanks to Acquia Lift Profile Manager, you would find that your pre-existing reports would be providing a perfect visual representation to all your data. You would be using this for viewing at the segment trends that would be telling you the types and frequency of profiles that are coming to your website at a specific time. This should be helping you to effectively custom tailor your content toward a specific segment. Once you are successful in collecting this critical data, you could consider planning for the optimal time for promoting campaigns or identifying the best time for devoting resources to a specific segment, providing a well-defined personalized user experience.

Reporting with the Help of Efficient Business Intelligence Tools

What Do You Mean by a BI Tool?

BI tools or Business Intelligence tools are kinds of application software used for collecting and processing a huge volume of unstructured data effectively from external and internal systems. Lift users who are thinking in terms of accessing the data warehouse could consider using effective Business Intelligence tools for directly accessing the warehouse. At Acquia, DOMO is used for connecting directly to the cloud data warehouse services via the Amazon Redshift platform.

How does Utilize DOMO for Creating Custom Reports?

DOMO is supposed to be a fantastic cloud-based platform for creating dynamic visualizations, collaborating with stakeholders and even for transforming data. You could stay abreast of the latest developments with proactive alerts and also, DOMO’s mobile application is a smart tool for viewing important data even on the move. Thanks to DOMO, you could consider bringing together all your data from the Amazon Redshift’s cloud data warehouse and other important analytics platforms. DOMO reporting would be used primarily for the following:

  • Examining precisely how many visitors are present in each of your segment.
  • Evaluating the performances of various campaigns.
  • Real-time alerts on your digital properties on personalization.
  • Weekly reports are sent out to the concerned marketing organization.
  • Bringing together all your analytics platforms into a unified system for presenting a comprehensive overview.


Analytic capabilities and market data are effective tools for helping businesses with relevant data for developing personalized and contextual experiences for their target audiences. Lift is known for providing this fabulous opportunity to businesses via its efficient Experience builder component that facilitates tracking and analyzing behavior and actions of visitors to your site. Profile Manager proves to be immensely helpful to marketing teams via setting up of segment trends for creating reports that present a perfect visual representation of all your relevant data. It could be truly challenging to function with gigantic data collections for boosting the personalization of all your user experiences. The Lift has been crafted and designed to effectively integrate data across diverse channels and technologies and provide limitless possibilities in terms of designing and creating custom-tailored content that conveys your brand’s message and vision to your customers in a highly- personalized way.

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