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If you’ve been pondering whether to get eyelash extensions as part of your overall beauty regimen but don’t know where to start, take a look at our list of pros and cons. There are many advantages to eyelash extensions, but there are a few disadvantages as well. Get informed so you can make the best decision possible for you.

Eyelash Extensions Cons

Allergens: There is a possibility you could have an adverse allergic reaction to the glue used or the lashes themselves. This is rare but it can happen. Reactions can range from conjunctivitis to involuntary tearing.

Extra Care: You have to be a bit more careful with eyelash extensions, avoiding rubbing the eyes or using heavy creams and oils around the eye area. You should also avoid sleeping with your face in the pillow to avoid creasing or otherwise destroying the lashes. You will also need to visit your eyelash extension professional on a suggested schedule to get touch ups.

Cost: Extensions cost more than a tube of mascara. However, expert application is a must, and the end result may be well worth it for you.

If you’re still unsure if you want to get eyelash extensions, feel free to sit down with us here at Eyelash Canada for a free consultation with one of our technicians. They can help match you with the best option for you and go over what to expect.

Eyelash Extensions Pros

Convenience: When you opt to get lash extensions, you create less stress in getting ready for the day. Imagine: not having to apply mascara every morning before work! If you’re like many women, this can be a time consuming task that takes extra time to get just right. Sometimes it smudges or clumps and you just can’t achieve the look you really want. Lash extensions stay on for long periods of time, depending on which type you choose, so you just get up and go.

Natural look: Eyelash extensions work with your existing lashes to give you the most natural look possible so you don’t look like you’re overdoing it.

Safety: Eyelash extensions, when applied expertly by a professional with the right adhesive, are part of a safe process to help you look your best each day. The adhesive used is moisture-resistant with no harsh fumes or odors, plus it’s fast drying and great for even the most sensitive of eyes.

Variety: You can choose from a wide variety of thicknesses, styles and even shades depending on your mood or the occasion. You may go with a fuller, more sultry look for a bachelorette long weekend at the clubs, or you may choose a finer, more subdued look for everyday use.

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