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The transition from mainstream to social media marketing preference is on the rise. For many decades now, traditional advertising has been in effect. This is why this style was considered suitable over today’s businesses. But the trend is shifting rapidly towards social networking. Social media marketing Dubai is one of the largest marketing agencies delivering a variety of approaches to social media marketing. There are many convincing reasons for this change, but we will look at the main factors influencing social media marketing:

Factors that Influence Social Media MarketingMarketing with trustworthy personnel

Organizations are looking for trusted individuals as ambassadors for their brand. Social media is the perfect business model forum. Like every individual, within his own social circle, he is trustworthy. Organizations are building their fan list, using their fans as brand ambassadors, and asking them to communicate brand value among their groups. Because of social media, this job falls under their comfort zone, as they can interact with their loved ones while sitting at home. This therefore increases the rate of conversion of sales.

No geographical barriers

In all professions, the Internet eliminated geographical obstacles. Since the advent of the internet, international business players have been operating seamlessly at global level. Because social networking works on the internet, it inherits this benefit automatically.

Appropriate Approach for All Cultures

The first predicament that comes to mind when you operate globally is how to make the right marketing approach, which goes well with different cultures. Social networking is a solution to this hitch, as brand ambassadors bridge this gap between different organizational culture and the target market. His marketing campaign is appropriate to his social circle since the brand ambassador belongs to the same society. Therefore, the superlative gizmo of globalization is social networking.

Factors that Influence Social Media Marketing AllOntarioOnline after Sales Reviews

Online companies have competitive edge over their competitor because their potential buyers are just a few clicks away from reaching the company or service’s online reviews. It reality affects their decision-making and adds weight to the argument of the sales person.

Rising Trend of Social Media Usage

According to recent surveys undertaken by several firms, Facebook alone has over 1.2 billion subscribers and dominates social media. This validates the rapid increase in the use of social media. In addition, people on social media use more than half of their online time. This clearly shows that social media will become the most popular marketing platform for reaching masses in the future.

Falls in Comfort Zone

Instead of visiting shops or offices in person, it is convenient for the buyer to procure things sitting on the couch online. In turn, brand ambassadors and companies advertise different products and services while seated in their offices and houses while at the same time raising awareness about their sales and company.

Effective Market Feedback on Campaigns

The beauty of social media is interaction. This provides effective platform for getting accurate feedback from the buyer/consumer. This information is important to rationalize marketing strategy, Improving or introducing new products and services.

Cost Effective Channel

Social networking is one of the most cost effective marketing medium. As it, require less money to advertise than other mediums like TV, Telemarketing etc.


A powerful, unique voice connects brands with influencers and encourages engagement. One company that sticks out is Wendy’s. Their Twitter feed often makes headlines for its levity, humor, and casual tone. From helping followers with their homework to going toe to toe with detractors, the fast food chain strives off of engagement.

Factors that Influence Social Media MarketingUser-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a gift that keeps on giving. Forging opportunities for users to participate in boosting your brand is invaluable.

Starbucks achieved this with their #WhiteCupContest. In 2014, the coffee behemoth asked their audience to draw designs on their signature white cups and post their creations on social media using the aforementioned hashtag. After several thousand entries later, Starbucks decided to run the contest a second time.

The lesson: Your audience is often your best marketer.


Though it is related to volume and relevancy, timing refers to when you publicly publish your posts. While you may have the urge to post all your content at once, you want your audience checking in several times a day. This means you need to be strategic in when you post.

And because nothing can be simple, the ideal time to post to social media varies from platform to platform. For instance, it is best to post to Facebook between 1-4 pm on weekdays because almost half the user base (46 percent) is 45 and over. Typically, these users browse Facebook after lunch and before getting off of work.

However, determining the best time to post hinges on the makeup of your audience on each platform. Depending on your company, the average user on Facebook may not be reflected in your follower base. This is where leveraging your segments comes into play. Who you’re marketing to should influence how and what you produce.

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