Fast, Cheap, Quality Auto Service in Hamilton

Fast, Cheap, Quality Auto Service in Hamilton
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“Fast, cheap and good quality – of these three things you should always choose two. If the service is fast and cheap, it will never be good. If it’s cheap and good, it will never get done quickly; and if it’s good and fast, will never come cheap. But remember; out of three you still have to only choose two.” ~ Tom Waits

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Real life is often unpredictable. On the roads, run millions of cars, all of which require simple maintenance, and sooner or later begin to break down. So how do you find a car service you can trust and what are you to pay attention to when choosing a repair shop?

car repair HamiltonRight off the bat, I hasten to warn you, my friends, from setting the one and only criteria when selecting car service as that being the cost of the service. A good product will not be cheap. Many car owners, who are trying to save money, forget about this simple truth; if the car service attracts customers because of a low price, it usually means they are only receiving a low price and not quality repairs.

Car repair cannot and should not be cheap. It is not difficult to guess that quality consumables and spare parts can cost much more than their low-quality counterparts. If you are offered a very tasty price – you need to think carefully about why the price is so attractive: Asking yourself “why” and using your discretion is integral to making a good decision. For you, the client, this extremely low price tag should be the first sign that the parts are either not certified, or the quality of the work will be poor. Cheap auto repair is a sign that the savings will be made entirely on your car, which may mean a low price tag initially, but a far more expensive one down the road.

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Continuing reflections on frugality, I want to also note that the modern car is daily becoming more and more computerized and complex. A huge number of auxiliary systems are used to ensure the smooth operation of the engine, as well the appropriate level of comfort and safety parameters are tracked every second by multiple sensors, analyzing the vehicle’s systems’ performance, and with the help of actuators regulate the operation of these systems. Let me elaborate.

To track and configure these processes in the control systems of a modern car without having specialized equipment and relevant expertise is difficult. This is another reason why car repairs cannot be cheap. Technicians and other employees of service stations are selling you their knowledge; the knowledge bought by their persistence, intelligence and ability to not give up when faced with difficulties. Like all professionals providing a service, automotive technicians, or mechanics, who pride themselves on being professional, deserve equal compensation for quality, professional work done.

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Of course, the cost and quality of work still reflects the presence and use of professional equipment. New and expensive equipment immediately suggests a serious attitude toward car repairs, which is why quality and expertly executed work will cost accordingly. Do you want a very cheap service? If so quality and properly done work will not be seen, but after some time you may accrue even greater costs. Unfortunately, such cases we often encounter at the Right Way Auto Repair shop. When a client comes in who has visited other shops for service, they can come in with more damage than they had before which ultimately costs them more money.

Thus, the three basic things prospective clients should pay attention to in the first place when looking for car service is: an experienced staff, adequate price (not too low) and the availability of professional equipment. A serious, professional automotive mechanic values his work and in such, for him quality of work is of the highest importance.

This leads us to the next point – quality. The quality of repairs done, following the correct technical process and quality control, in turn, takes away precious time from both the client and technicians. Thus, the quality of the product or service is directly dependent on the time invested into it with the right technical process. It is imperative that automotive mechanics are thorough and diligent in their work; safety is of the utmost importance and we never want customers to drive away in an unsafe vehicle.

It is impossible to do anything of quality, without spending enough time on the project. Quick, quality work can be done at the cost of time and effort that must be reimbursed. Thus, quality repair is expensive because professionals get into gear, ordering correct quality parts, using proper equipment along with their knowledge, and must ensure they have all parts and equipment any possible job may require on hand. In the end everyone is happy: the owner of the car receives fast, quality results, and employees are rewarded for their professionalism and hard work.

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Now it’s time to define the basic needs of every car owner when searching for an automotive shop. Every vehicle owner’s basic needs can be summed up in the following twelve points:

  1. The work was safe and my vehicle is safe.
  2. The workplace and staff made me comfortable.
  3. It was completed quickly.
  4. Employees were professional.
  5. The automotive shop has provided a guarantee.
  6. The automotive shop has provided good advice/consultation.
  7. They respect me as a customer.
  8. Prices were reasonable for the quality of work and parts used.
  9. The queues were minimal.
  10. The range of services offered was as broad as possible.
  11. Spare parts and technical liquids were available.
  12. I had confidence in the shop professionals.

These twelve points are related to any search needing to be done on car service and require the customer to act responsibly. Do not chase the lowest price. Of course, using your discretion and saving your money is important, but don’t overdo it; though for you saving money will be an important point, it is not the main one. Using the above pointers when searching for a shop to service your car repair needs ensures your vehicle will run like clockwork, unexpected breakdowns on the road will not happen and you will feel relaxed and safe along the way!

As for our team at Right Way Auto Repair, we ensure the following:

  • We don’t work poorly or carelessly.
  • We work fast and with pleasure;
  • We aren’t cheap – but provide discounts and will compromise if we can.

Why ask! All will be satisfied!

Andrey Kopelev

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