Financing Equipment for Business Growth


Most small companies frequently need finance to expand or grow their business where, they always have to find money for equipment purchasing. Yes, some financial institutions give equipments on lease based on the situation a company is dealing with. But, is it possible to lease a number of equipments? Who is willing to offer his/her assets on lease? Obviously, no one. So, you only have one option i.e. to find a source of equipment financing.

If you are not sure about how to get finance or find someone who can provide some funds to help you in growing the business, then We Can Financial is available at your ease to make it happen. We have a team of finance experts who are efficient enough to assist you in making the most of different opportunities. We own a proprietary financing plan that allows small businesses to get different equipments according to their financial health, ability to balance extra debts with healthy debt service ratios and logical and reasonable equipment requirements.

Our process of financing is based on a number of steps where, first step comprises of a few basic questions we would like to get answers of. Like, how would you utilize the finance? Will that finance yield satisfactory results in terms of your business growth? Normally, companies prefer to purchase equipments on lease but if their month debt payment is less than lease amount, they will start to see outcomes from the first day. In such situations, savings will increase up to 50 percent that ultimately improves the productivity and profitability of the business. Companies want equipment financing to increase their ability of producing items. These equipments will help the company to boost their revenues and develop as the time progresses.

So, what needs to be done for financing equipment needs?

  • First of all, we will arrange a meeting to discuss about the financing and equipment requirements
  • Then we estimate the amount of cash to be invested in purchasing equipments by the company itself
  • Get quotes from different dealers including installation and delivery
  • Verification of the financial health of the company by evaluating its debt repayment schedule, credit history and potential improvements in the financial condition that can help in expanding the company.

After clarification and collection of information on the initial 4 steps, we will be able to properly suggest if equipment financing would be suitable for their company or not. As we all know that banks are very inflexible and strict is financing a company, we need to be really careful while applying because you will need to go through numerous stages for getting finance.

Do you know what sort of equipments can be financed?

These equipments will receive quick finance compared to others:

  • Retail equipments
  • Agricultural equipments
  • Retail equipments
  • Repair and garage equipments
  • Printing and graphics equipments
  • Industrial production equipments
  • Trailers and tractors
  • Medical instruments
  • Dental office equipments
  • Pastry an bakery item product equipments

So, contact We Can Financial and be a successful business owner!

Happy financing everyone!

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