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If you’re lucky enough, your wedding venue will provide catering services within your budget and needs. If not, you’ll have to go through the somewhat overwhelming task of finding the ideal catering service. The hunt for the perfect caterer for your wedding should start early enough. Starting early helps because you don’t have to rush through the entire process. You’ll have enough time to try their food, settle for an ideal menu and even do some background research to determine their reputation in your area.

Finding a Wedding Caterer who will go Above and Beyond on Your Big Day AllOntarioIf you’re in the process of finding the right wedding catering service, we’re here to help you. We’ll share important tips you should consider before starting the hunt.

Know Your Budget

One rule that most brides forget to pay attention to is deciding on how much they can spend before they set out to find wedding vendors. It’s very important to come up with your catering budget before you even start emailing potential catering companies. Firstly, it will help you to narrow down your search by working with caterers whom you can afford. Secondly, it will give the caterer an idea of what to include in your wedding menu. Finally, your catering budget will determine the service style that you can afford which is important to know ahead of time because it may affect your choice of venue.

Finding a Wedding Caterer who will go Above and Beyond on Your Big DayAsk Your Venue for Recommendations

If you’ve already decided on the wedding venue, you can always ask them for catering recommendations. Caterers who have worked in the venue before know how to pull things together and could be a good choice for you. However, don’t go for a caterer simply because they were recommended by the venue. Go through reviews, speak to previous clients and do all it takes before you commit. Do your research and if it doesn’t feel right, look the other way.

Compare Multiple Proposals

If you’re keen on saving money, then ask different service providers to send you proposals so that you can compare. The potential caterers will most likely ask you to provide some details of the event such as the style of the wedding and how many guests you are expecting. It’s their job to use this information and recommend the number of appetizers, staff, and chefs needed to make it happen. When reviewing your proposal, look out for items that are likely to hike your budget such as drinks and supplies.

Finding a Wedding Caterer who will go Above and Beyond on Your Big DayAsk about the Rentals

When discussing with the wedding caterer in Toronto, ask them if they provide their own supplies such as the tables, chairs, dinnerware, and linens or you will have to source for them. Most catering companies will rent these items and charge you for it. Make sure you compare the cost given by different service providers.

Pay Attention to How You’re Treated

A catering company can have the tastiest food but if they don’t treat you well, it’s not worth hiring their service. Keep an eye for service providers who don’t get the details such as your venue or wedding date or even the number of guests you expect to have when sending a proposal. Serious service providers will take notes of your wedding details to customize your package. You should be impressed by caterers who pay attention to details.

Finding a Wedding Caterer who will go Above and Beyond on Your Big Day AllOntarioInsists On Tastings

There are wedding service providers who will only provide tastings after you sign their contract. If this is the case and you really like their menu and service, attend events where they cater for or pay a small fee for tasting if they allow it. Make sure there is a clause in the contract that allows you to back out if you don’t like their food after tasting.

Go Through Reviews

So, you’ve gone through tens of catering companies and finally got one you like, there’s one more thing before you sign the dotted line. Go through reviews of the catering company, discuss with friends or reach out to other brides who have used them before. Hearing about the experiences of other brides and grooms will give you an idea of what they’re like on the big day.

Finding a catering company is not easy but it can be done. Take your time to get service providers you trust and who can deliver beyond your expectations.

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