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Find information about food labels, nutrition facts tables, ingredient lists, and nutrition and health claims. Also understand serving size and % daily value:

  • Nutrition facts table – Learn about the nutrition facts table, how to use it and which foods do not have one. Also use the interactive nutrition facts table tool to learn more about what is in the table.
  • Serving size – Learn about serving size on the nutrition facts table of packaged food. Find out how to use it to compare packaged foods and the amount of food you eat.
  • List of ingredients – Learn about the list of ingredients on packaged foods and the commonly used terms for certain ingredients.
  • Nutrition claims – Find out the difference between nutrition content claims and health claims that are found on some food products.
  • Nutrient content claims – Understand what is meant by fat-free, no added sugar, low sodium or other nutrient content claims.
  • Health claims – Learn about what health claims mean on a packaged food.
  • Percent daily value – Get information about percent daily value on a nutrition facts table; learn how to use it and how it is calculated.
  • About food labels – Learn about food labels and what has to be included on it.


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