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Ontario has launched Free Online Driver’s Licence Check Service.

The Driver’s Licence Check is an online service for the public and businesses to find out if an Ontario driver’s licence is valid.

It makes life easier for businesses and people by helping them to check if their driver’s licence is valid before getting behind the wheel.

Ontario’s government is making it easier for people and businesses to check the status of an Ontario driver’s licence by:

  • Eliminating the $2 fee and modernizing the online Driver’s Licence Check service.
  • Providing the ability to easily check a driver’s licence by scanning the card on a mobile device.
  • Expanding the number of licence checks entered at one time from 9 to 100.

To get information on the status of an Ontario Driver’s Licence you need:

  • Driver’s licence number(s)
  • Your contact information

Visit the Driver’s Licence Check service to know the status of a driver’s licence for free.

You will get the status of the driver’s licence including specific licensing conditions. For privacy protection, driver’s personal information will be not included.

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  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation
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