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Let’s say you’re going on a long deserved vacation. But while you’re still planning, you realize you still have to decide your mode of transport to and from the airport. You have two main options: limo and taxi.

Which one do you choose? Both modes of transport have their pros and cons. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your specific situation. Below are a few factors that may influence your decision:

  1. Comfort: Limos are more comfortable than taxis. They are roomier and are operated by a well-trained, professional staff. This staff is trained to take care of all your needs. Taxi drivers will only get you from your starting point to your destination – their fares don’t cover hospitality.
  2. Cost: A limo will cost you more than a taxi. That being said, some limo companies provide flat rate offers, availing the limo to you for a fixed period of time. If you pick such an offer, you may end up paying less money than if you constantly hire different taxis and travel on the meter. But if you only need to travel for a short while, a taxi will cost you less.
  3. Impact: Even though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, most of us do exactly that. For the same reason a well-tailored suit turns heads and opens doors, a limousine will establish you as a person of some means. A taxi, on the other hand, won’t be anything special. You’ll just be one member of the crowd.
  4. Time: Hiring a limo beforehand will save you a lot of time. Since you’ll have conveyed your itinerary beforehand, the limo will be waiting for you. You will get to your destination via the shortest route possible. On the other hand, if you go looking for a taxi at the airport, you may waste up to an hour. Some taxis also try to scam clients by taking roundabout routes to rack up the fare.

Bon voyage!

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