“Good things grow in Ontario”


“Good things grow in Ontario” – Foodland Ontario – The Brand Name in Fresh Ontario Foods

Foodland Ontario, founded in 1977, is a consumer promotion program of the government of the Canadian province of Ontario. Foodland Ontario currently falls under the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs in Ontario. Commercials are aimed at promoting Ontarian foods with the slogan “good things grow in Ontario” a slogan used as early as 1983. It has seen a recent revival in 2008 commercials.

Foodland Ontario promotes produce (fruits and vegetables), as well as honey and maple syrup producers in Ontario. It is a long-established consumer promotion program of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. From its inception in 1977, Foodland Ontario has partnered with producers to achieve the maximum penetration of the Ontario market by Ontario-produced fresh and processed agricultural products.

One of the main objectives of the program is to maintain consumer intent to purchase (Ontario) over 80%, thereby assisting Ontario producers to maximize their market share. To achieve its market objective, Foodland communicates the benefits (economic and product characteristics) of Ontario food, encourages the purchase of Ontario food, co-ordinates promotion and research activities with producer organizations and industry stakeholders, and promotes the Ontario “brand.” The target group for these strategies are the primary and secondary food purchasers in Ontario.

During the life of the Foodland program, the target market has evolved from the “principal grocery shopper” – mothers 25 to 49 years, to adults 25 to 64 years. The latter definition includes both males and females and reflects recent research that food buying is a shared activity – many households have two “principal grocery shoppers.”

Foodland Ontario History

When the Foodland program began in 1977, the advertising message informed consumers of the wide variety and availability of Ontario-grown food products. Both the theme line “Good things grow in Ontario” and the Foodland Ontario symbol encouraged consumers to buy Ontario by promoting and identifying quality Ontario products.

Foodland Ontario is a long-established consumer promotion program of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Foodland Ontario is continuing to support and promote fresh fruits and vegetables. The Foodland Ontario logo is recognized by 94% of principal grocery shoppers in Ontario! To consumers, the Foodland Ontario brand represents fresh, local food and is a call to action. People who are familiar with the logo and Foodland Ontario advertising are significantly more likely to purchase fresh Ontario food. Foodland Ontario is clearly the brand name in fresh local produce for 9 out of 10 principal grocery shoppers!

How can you get involved? Use the Foodland Ontario logo! Your fresh Ontario food product can carry the Foodland Ontario logo at no charge – let’s make it easy for Ontario consumers to find fresh local foods!

94% Symbol Recognition

The Foodland Ontario symbol is recognized by 94% of Ontario principal grocery shoppers. This result is up notably from the 86% level reported in 2005.

88% Symbol Association with Fresh Produce

Of those who recognize the Foodland Ontario symbol, 88% associate the logo with fresh produce. This high brand association has held firm from 2004 and 2005, and suggests that Foodland Ontario’s coordinated branding/advertising strategies and compelling in-store promotions have combined to sustain this strong result.

86% Unaided Symbol Recognition

Without benefit of visual prompting, 86% of Ontario principal grocery shoppers with symbol awareness recall seeing the Foodland Ontario symbol on point of sale signs, posters and other signage in the produce section of grocery stores. Foodland Ontario merchandising representatives visit over 1,100 stores 11 months of the year.

87% Shoppers Prefer Ontario Produce

This number is comprised of those who will definitely purchase Ontario produce along with those who will probably purchase Ontario produce in the future.

Foodland Ontario Symbol & Advertising Awareness Propels Ontario Produce Purchase

Those who are aware of the Foodland Ontario advertising are significantly more likely to purchase fresh Ontario produce than those are unaware of the advertising by a ratio of almost 3 to 2.

Pick Ontario Freshness

The Pick Ontario Freshness marketing strategy is an umbrella campaign that drives consumer demand and interest in ALL Ontario food promotions. It encourages consumers to be aware of the breadth, depth and variety of the fresh food Ontario has to offer, and purchase those foods in grocery stores, farmers’ markets and restaurants across the province.

We are working with our Ontario food partners to move towards the promotion of other fresh Ontario food categories. These categories include; meats, deli, bakery, dairy and specialty foods. Moving forward requires collaboration between all parts of the Ontario foods value chain, including; producers, processors and retailers. As we continue to “forge ahead” Foodland Ontario’s merchandising team will be able to expand their efforts in concert with industry to address other merchandising opportunities in grocery stores and farmer’s markets!

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