I’m going to lose my job. What can I do?

I'm going to lose my job. What can I do?

Finding a job is a job in itself. Employment Ontario has a number of programs to help you put your best foot forward. If you are employed or seeking employment in Ontario, you should have a thorough understanding of you rights, responsibilities and resources available to you. Discover the many ways to protect yourself and work in compliance with Ontario’s workplace standards.

First, review your job search tools and methods to make sure you are exploring all of your options in the most effective ways. Next, you may want to find the organization delivering Job Connect in your area. The Job Connect program helps people plan, prepare for and succeed in the job market. If you are still having trouble, you might want to consider creating your own job. The Ontario government has several services to help you start up and run a successful business. You may also contact Employment Ontario for help.

If you are affected by a plant closure or downsizing, the government Adjustment Advisory Program can help. An adjustment advisor can give you advice on career planning, upgrading your training or education, job searching, starting a small business, or dealing with stress of job loss. If you are interested in this program, just contact one of the 26 apprenticeship field offices across Ontario for more information and ask to be referred to an adjustment advisor. Services offered by the federal government include Employment Insurance and Employment Assistance. Finally, the Ontario Works Program provides income and employment assistance for people who are in temporary financial need.

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities can help you get the education and training you need to build a rewarding career after high school. You can choose from university and college programs, apprenticeships and many other kinds of training and education.

Through Employment Ontario, Ontario’s Employment and Training Network, you can get help to build your career, and keep learning, throughout your working life. Employment Ontario connects people looking for work with employers looking for workers. It is your one-stop source of information about jobs, job search skills, training, education, and other services for employees and employers.

You can access the Employment Ontario Network services in three ways: by telephone, online and in person at offices located throughout the province.


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