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Is there anything more beautiful than hiking with your loved pet? We don’t think so. The peace of nature and the company of a four-legged friend are just enough to feel satisfied. Before embarking on this adventure, both you and your dog must prepare well. Consider the length of the hiking trail, the climb, and the weight. Also, remember to take care of your dog’s physical endurance and strength. If the dog has not been hiking so far, you must take long walks on steep terrain. In this way, the dog will be empowered and acclimated to longer walks in nature.

Hit the road Jack: take your dog for a long nature walk AllOntarioOn the other hand, if the dog is poorly active and has trouble moving, hiking/walking may not be the best option for him. It is best to consult a veterinarian who will give you recommendations and tips for maintaining your dog’s fitness. Be a responsible dog owner! We are introducing Ontario’s most beautiful trailing routes where you can enjoy long walks and breathtaking scenery. Let’s start this journey together!

Sherwood Park, Midtown Toronto

This dazzling little jewel is found right in the core of the city, so it’s anything but difficult to get to. If your dog won’t care for long car ventures this place won’t be an issue. It is located on Sherwood Street in North York and highlights free stopping and a fenced-off canine off-rope territory. This beautiful green oasis is ideal for dogs who are not so active and need more time for preparation.

The trail is around 5km long and offers enough exercise to exhaust your fluffy companion, without it being an excessive amount of exertion or break of your day. A true nature’s gem which offers different paths and various zones for exploring. We recommend visiting this place by the end of the week. And one more thing – there is a swimming pool at the site which can be a perfect place to chill after a good walk.


Bechtel Park Trail, North of the center of Kitchener

If you are looking for a place for your children and dogs, you don’t need to look further. It is a relatively easy route, 3.2 km long, which will give a much-needed breath of fresh air. Located just north of the center of Kitchener in Bechtel Park, this wood chip trail is short but very beautiful. The perfect time to visit this area is spring-time or early autumn when the trees are still green and can keep both of you safe from the sun. Despite the way that the stepped walks are on-rope trails, there are off-chain domains that are fenced off so your dog can roam around safely. Sounds great, right?

Hit the road Jack: take your dog for a long nature walk AllOntarioKing Mountain, Gatineau Park

This place rightfully bears its name, which you will be sure of once you climb to the top. The view from that height is a unique experience that will forever stay in your memory. From there you can see the whole Ottawa Volley, like a real king or queen. You will discover this circle a course only west of Gatineau, in the northwest region of Ottawa. Hit the car, take your dog, and feel the nature all around.

Hit the road Jack: take your dog for a long nature walkThis spot has 10 posts as you make the top, with a lot of touchpoints where you can stop and enjoy the views. It’s not too long, around 2km, however, the steps and steep segments make it a decent exercise in a short measure of time. For additional climbs close to Ottawa, look at the Top 5 Dog-Friendly Hikes in the Ottawa Area.

Hit the road Jack: take your dog for a long nature walkThese are just a few ideas on how you can spend your free time with your dog. We are sure that your pet and you will enjoy a stay in nature after a busy week. Share with us your favorite hidden nature gems, away from the noise of the city.

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