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“Celebrate Canada” Funding

The Celebrate Canada program provides funding to community-based activities celebrating and promoting National Aboriginal Day, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and Canada Day.

Building Communities through Arts and Heritage

The Building Communities through Arts and Heritage program is designed to increase opportunities, through festivals or other events and activities, for local artists and artisans to be involved in their community and for local groups to commemorate their local history and heritage.

Festivals and Performing Arts Grants

  • Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage
  • Canada Arts Presentation Fund
  • Canada Arts Training Fund
  • Canada Cultural Investment Fund
  • Canada Cultural Spaces Fund
  • Cultural Capitals of Canada
  • Games of La Francophonie
  • National Arts Service Organization Designation

Trade and Investment

  • Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board
  • Cultural Sector Investment Review
  • Trade and Investment Branch
  • Trade Policy and Negotiations

Canadian Heritage Grants and Funding Programs


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