Home care in Ontario

Home Care in Ontario
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Home care services help people maintain their health and independence at home. Many of these services are funded by the Ontario government.

For many people, a time comes when they need help to keep living in their own homes. It may be due to illness. It may be due to age. The reason does not matter. What matters is that they get the help they need.

What should you do if you or a loved one needs home care? This web site is a good place to start. You’ll learn here about many of the home care services you can get in Ontario. We’ve organized the information on these pages into two sections:

  • How home care works
  • How to arrange home care services.

We’ve also provided links where you can learn more about these topics.

What kind of services can I get through home care?

This list sums up four main types of home care services:

  1. Visiting Health Professional Services: These services can help you after a stay in hospital, or if you need help due to illness or injury. Help includes visits to assess your needs, planning for and/or providing care for you. You may also receive supplies and equipment that you need.
  2. Personal Care and Support: These services can help you with many daily living activities. Examples include bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and more.
  3. Homemaking: Homemaking services help you with routine household activities. These include menu planning, shopping, preparing meals, light housekeeping and more.
  4. Community Support Services: These services help you live safely and independently at home. They include services such as meal delivery, transportation, help for your caregivers, adult day programs and more.

Who pays for home care services?

Home care services are funded in many different ways:

  • by the government (Ontario and/or local governments)
  • by non-profit organizations who receive donations to deliver these types of services
  • by your private insurance or benefit plans (for example, private health insurance)
  • by you (for example, when you pay for services yourself).

Many people who want to stay in their own homes will arrange a mix of services funded in a number of different ways.

How do I find home care services for myself or a loved one?

Your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) will help you:

  • Identify your care needs
  • Explore the services that will best meet your needs and situation
  • Gather information about who can provide these services to you
  • Set up the services you request.

To take the first step, use the CCAC Locator to find a CCAC near you.

Your Centre will determine if you qualify for government-funded home care.

How do I get help if I do not qualify for government funding?

You will have to pay for the services you need. You can apply directly to the people or companies that you choose. Your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) can help you find services.

Home Care Wait Times

Ontario reports on home care wait times against a five-day provincial target for:

  • people requiring home nursing services including respite and palliative care
  • people with complex care needs requiring in-home personal support services like grooming, dressing, bathing and bed care

These reports show the percentage of people who receive home care within five days of the service being approved by a local Community Care Access Centre. Reporting is updated on a quarterly basis.

CCACs assist all clients who require home care services as soon as possible. Although wait times may vary between patients because of a number of factors, including urgency and the complexity of care required. For example, someone who requires immediate care after a significant surgery will be prioritized over someone with less urgent needs.

Access the reports by clicking on the “Accessible” tab under “By provincial results”, or by searching by health topic, CCAC or city.

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