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Action cameras have changed the face of sports and it has disrupted every sport it has gotten into. They are the best video camera for sports as they are unbeatable at bringing your photos and videos to life. They are small, lightweight and portable. They allow viewers to experience events firsthand and with an action camera the point of view shifts and we are able to experience what others experience.

How have Action Cameras Changed the Face of Sports?Filming your adventures are easier when you have an action camera as you can easily strap them on and click record. Action cameras are different from other cameras in that they are designed to be attached to a body or other objects. Their size and dynamic point of view have made them popular with sports personalities who use them to capture their adventures. They are good for shooting videos and recording actions when you are on the move, in difficult locations or at high speeds. Action cameras have changed the face of sports as they can withstand bumps, knocks and jolts. Most action cameras are also waterproof or weather proof. While some have motion sensor light to enhance their capabilities.

Action cameras are a must have accessory for all athletes around the world such as cyclist, surfers, snowboarders and so on. Athletes want to record their moments of glory and upload it to the world and action cameras make this possible.

Action cameras can be used by athletes to improve their game and understand their mistakes. They have popularized fringe sports and they have changed how we watch sports. Some of the best action cameras include GoPro Hero5 Black, Olympus TG-Tracker, Sony FDR X-3000 and the Kodak Pixpro SP360

How have Action Cameras Changed the Face of Sports?When you want to buy an action camera you should consider the following:

  • Video quality: Video resolution is important when you want to choose an action camera as you want to be able to relieve your moments clearly.
  • Durability: If you want to use your action camera in the rain, snow or when you are underwater then you have to make sure your action camera is waterproof or weatherproof.
  • Image quality: The image quality of an action camera is to be taken into consideration because higher megapixels lead to higher photo resolutions. To optimize your action camera for sports you need higher photo resolutions.
  • Battery life: The battery life of action cameras vary depending on how they are used. Action cameras with high resolution videos, Wi-Fi and other connectivity features drain the battery of an action camera much faster. Action cameras with longer battery life give athletes the ability to capture more photos and videos.
  • Shape, size and weight: Different people prefer different shapes of action cameras for different reasons. And you have to consider the shape of the action camera that is right for you. As for size and weight you should go for lighter and compact models of action cameras for portability.
  • Connectivity: Connectivity features in your action camera allows athletes to upload or transfer video footage and images to their computer, the web or their smartphones.
  • Memory: Having enough storage on your action camera is important as athletes do not want to run out of space when they are filming an amazing event. Getting an action camera with bigger capacity is important. If you want your action camera to optimally perform then you have to get the fastest memory card. A memory card that does not have enough write speed will result in you getting dropped frames and jerky footage.
  • Accessories: You need the right mount to secure your action camera when you engage in sports as you are constantly moving. Check out the accessories and mounting options that are available on a brand’s website or store.
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