The urge to satisfy the clients, growth of your business, the need to streamline services, and many more reasons have a compelling push to install automation systems in the whole logistics process. Part of the reasons why an established logistics firm would hire the services of a 3PL is because they expect fluency, efficiency and most of all, accountability.

A third-party logistics firm will, however, not be able to push all the projects as expected while using the manual system of operation. Therefore, for a faster and more efficient process, it is prudent that a logistic firm employs the services of the big data all the way along the supply chain.

How Robotics Technology Is Modernizing Third-Party Logistics AllOntarioRobotics is responsible for a lot more within the industry; increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, improved infrastructural operations, reduction in operational costs, increasing the income revenue, etc. All these benefits point to one thing and that is the automation of third-party logistics operations. However, as much as this has become possible, there is a fundamental infrastructure which out to be placed in place to have the system up and running. It is, however, costly. The initial costs of purchase and installations require massive investment. But since the project is a long term facility, then you will recoup every cent on the financing and much more along the way. This paper seeks to look at some of the ways robotics seem to benefit the industry.

Premium email service

The system has the ability to play the role of a secretary such that it sends the email to the client about shipment and delivery. Previously this would take close to a whole day’s business to complete. It consisted of filing, re-keying the information, and having to update different systems. The information would then be relayed to the carrier and customer for pick up. By the time the information reaches the intended party, it is always late. Time is an essential factor in logistics. A firm should ensure that they honour their dates; this is the secret to market survival as well as prosperity.

So, the robotic system that simulates human receives mail and extracts the information about the incoming shipment. The machine then accesses the details on the shipment and uses it to organize for transportation, which involves the suppliers making the pickups.

The system is further aware of the CCTV and GPRS which they further use to track and monitor the truck until it reaches its destination. Also, the system can verify payments and receipts made from several clients.

The robotic system can as well handle recruitment and appointments, can be used to control navigating ship, verifying deliveries and making ensuring maximum profits at lower operational costs as possible.

How Robotics Technology Is Modernizing Third-Party Logistics AllOntarioSchedule routing

System automation enables it to have data on the traffic and closed routes. Having prior information works to the advantage of the 3PL firm since it can re-route to avoid delays. Also, the system provides real-time locations of all delivery trucks. Monitoring of inventory is one of the ways to improve accountability and efficiency of the firm.

The bottom line

With technology, comes responsibilities and investment. Robotics has done enough and still does through the cases of successful warehouse robotic process automation. Installation of automation machines in the warehouses enables the business to have control over its business and even improve its systems so that productivity is not compromised with.

Automation helps in handling those repetitive activities, which in effect influences the operations of a warehouse on a substantial range. If well managed, the system can perform seamlessly in recording inventory, labelling, tracking inventory, scheduling routes, placing orders and deliveries, managing the staff, the security of the warehouse, etc. there is just so much one can do with the robotic system in logistics.

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