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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision in Toronto you may require a copy of the collision report for insurance purposes or simply for your records.

How to Get a Collision Report in TorontoBy law in Ontario, if the damage exceeds $2000 (between both vehicles combined), you are required to file a police collision report (also called an accident report).

A Collision Reporting Centre is a facility which was created to help motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians report motor vehicle collisions which they have been involved in.

Collision reporting may not be required, depending on the amount of damaged caused. If there is no damage or it is less than $2000 combined, you do not have to report a collision.

How to Get a Collision Report in TorontoIf you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision in Toronto

The Toronto Police Service only provides Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) reports for collisions that occur in Toronto. Any reports relating to collisions that occurred outside of Toronto should be requested through the respective Police Service in that jurisdiction.

Please note that a fee of $67.80 (taxes included) applies.

Requests may be submitted by mail or in person.

Collisions that occurred on any 400 series highways within Toronto would be investigated by the OPP. Reports for collisions that occurred on the 427, 401, 400, 404, and Queen Elizabeth Expressway can be obtained through the Ontario Provincial Police.

Please note, collision reports are retained for 6 years after which they are destroyed and no longer available (with the exception of collisions resulting in a fatality – retained indefinitely).

Please visit the Toronto Police Service official website for information on how to submit a request for a collision report copy.

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